Let’s all GROW together

Good morning!

Wondered what is the right mix for a Startup Weekend?

We’ll share our [notsosecret] recipe:

  • attendees with various backgrounds (as diverse as possible)
  • entrepreneurs with national & international businesses, from various industries, as mentors
  • angel investors with an appetite for early-stage startups

Our friends at Growceanu are joining Startup Weekend Timisoara with the purpose to support the local startup scene. Being part of the mentoring sessions, the feedback is meant to support teams in understanding what it takes to be an investable early-stage startup. ‘Great ideas deserve to grow’ is one of their tag-lines and damn, they are right!


Meet them at #SWTimisoara.

Snatch your ticket here.


Why tickets, what am I paying for?


First of all, congrats, you’ve made it here! So you found out what Startup Weekend is about and now you’re wondering WHY should you attend or why should you BUY a ticket to do so?

To answer that, we’ll need to dive into the WHAT are you getting for your money:

    • a FULL weekend’s worth of networking with co-founders, local and international mentors. Organized meeting sessions with the mentors included!
    • you’ll be working within the weekend using the Startup Weekend framework, that has kickstarted a few great startups [link]
    • everything will be ready (location, wi-fi, stationery, printed lean canvases) together with delicious meals so that you can just… WORK IT.
    • a workshop or two on How To Pitch and Lean Canvas

Now to come back to the WHY. Well, do you have an idea you’ve been itching to pitch? Or do you want to find out more about this whole startup world from ideation to validation (or pivoting)? Or just want to meet people, network and then have the proper network to work on your own thing afterward?

You can leverage all of the above and much more just by actively joining the 7th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara, right now for the cost of two cocktails and a bag o chips 🙂

Are you in?

Tickets —> http://bit.ly/SWTimisoara7Tickets

FB Invite & share the event —>  http://bit.ly/SWTimisoara1517Nov

This will be THE product/innovation/startup/business/hackathon of the year in Timisoara. Looking forward to seeing all the geeks, geekettes, business people, designers, domain experts, people with ideas or just curious on the 15th of November!

Back in business!

Good morning! ☕️☕️☕️

While you’re sipping your morning coffee you hear the great news! Techstars Startup Weekend Timisoara is back. If you got here you might already know what Startup Weekends are, but just to double-check, let’s put a few bullet points to help out with the perspective:

    • you have an idea which you’d like to validate
    • you’re curious about the entire process behind validating or invalidating startup ideas (and then pivoting, of course)
    • networking is what you’re after – be it mentors, co-founders, potential investors and so on
    • you want to give the whole entrepreneurial journey a try. This is the safest way to do so in a controlled environment.

Basically, Startup Weekend events are the quickest & safest way to validate a startup idea. Don’t worry if you don’t have one! There’s always a balance of participants with and without ideas. You’ll be able to be part of the journey by joining an idea & team that you like so that you get to go through the entire process.

And we didn’t even talk about mentors & networking. This is by far THE place to meet entrepreneurs, potential co-founders, angel investors, representatives from accelerator programs and so on. We’ve already started the line-up with an Egyptian, a Romanian living in Prague, and a local digital expert.

SWTimisoara facebook group: http://bit.ly/SWTimisoaraFBGroup

Feel free to reach out to us and stay tuned!

It’s just like a festival.. entrepreneurial festival

hey you,

The Startup Weekend experience can be often compared to one of a festival. One that’s made with loads of creativity & ideas, being entrepreneurship oriented and all about the community => You get to validate (or invalidate) your ideas in a safe environment while giving it a go at this whole entrepreneurship thing.

Because it is a community event and because it is a educational event we’d like everyone to take part. It does not matter what skills you master and neither does your background. At Startup Weekend everybody is important, everybody can have an idea (or not, and that’s also OK) and most important everybody can be part of one of the amazing teams working for the entire weekend.


You can find the pricing of the tickets below. To ensure a valuable experience for everyone @SWTimisoara, we’re partnering up with amazing mentors, great partners & a global community. The event is completely led by volunteers and the costs of the tickets goes to making sure you have: mentors from all over (yes, both local & international), great food, swag (who doesn’t love goodies), prizes and so much more.

If you’ve made it this far make sure you get your ticket here.

Feel free to ping us for any questions &/ suggestions.



Everybody is a winner!

We’re interrupting your local announcement to tell you more about what took place this weekend.


Startup Weekend Timisoara #5 started on Friday evening with 16 pitches. All the participants went through organized chaos and figured out that they should be working together within 7 legendary teams: Thumb wars, Money, Trainerz.co, Fitzilla, Movie lingua & Smart ticket. Find them on f6s.com.

We’re all about learning at Startup Weekend and we hope that together we managed to grow. We had two workshops on Saturday that helped increase the know-how level with one talking about Business Model Canvas and the other one making sure your pitch will be out of this world.

On Sunday, the pressure started to appear whilst teams were getting ready for the final presentations. They had only 5 minutes to present how their product was validated, how they built an MVP and how they will be making money. The judges were ready, and the teams delivered their pitches with style.

At the end it all came down to figuring out how did the teams perform in relation with one-another. And thus the judges deliberated [drum roll]

Fitzilla – 3rd place

Movie lingua – 2nd place

.. and the winner of SWTimisoara #5 is…. Smart ticket!

We’re here to support all of the teams in their endeavour and to push them forward into working on their projects, learning and then pivoting some more. Make sure you join our Facebook group in order to be able to reach to anybody within the community.

We’re working on uploading all of the media files from the event and we’re really happy that our viewers were able to be present via on-line streaming. You can already find pictures on SWTimisoara Facebook page, Friday pitches on the Youtube channel here.

Stay tuned for more!

SWTimisoara thanks you!

Dear partners,

We really appreciate your support and we assure you it got noticed!

The awesome t-shirts and prizes powered by Blue Couch Digital. The participants, mentors and organizers were really proud to be wearing them & of course, the winning teams were really happy about winning the prizes!


Thanks to Telekom Romania everybody was able to connect all over the world. The internet was super-fast and stable. The participants were able to build platforms & validate via their online access.

Telenav helped us by making sure we have everything we need to run a proper event. They were also the ones who supported us first, and it’s their 2nd time in a row partnering up with us.

We had an amazing array of partners who helped us make a great event and we’d like to thank you all: hackTM, Techsylvania, 150Sec, ABC AcceleratorThe Hub, MemoryStudio, Ambasada, Senneviile, Universitatea de Vest, Ctrl-DAIESECESN & Best Timisoara.

On behalf of the whole community in Timisoara, we’d like to thank you!

Sharing your experience

A few hours left till the big event!
Tell your friends to stay tuned – you’ll be sharing your experiences and ideas as you go full speed ahead on your project. Why? Because Telekom’s got us covered!
Our friends at Telekom have a keen interest in start-ups and technology innovation (obviously!), and so they lent a hand by offering us the best they have – internet connection.
So leave your packed data at home and buckle up – you’ll be sending your updates at 4G speed.


Food, food and more food

Hey there,

It’s the final countdown for the announcements out there. Stay tuned for all the funky swag&prizes related announcements we’ve got installed aaand until then we interrupt your regular mentor-sponsor shouts to let you know that we’ll have plenty of food and sweets to keep you energized and up&going within the weekend.


All of the above means that the drinks are on you 🙂

This year has been a little harder in terms of the budget and we’ll be looking into improving this for next editions.

Also, let us know if there’s anything we can help with before the event. An e-mail will go your way soon with all the details, locations for non-loco attendees and things you can browse before the event.

SWeeTM Team over and out!


We consider good internet as one of the most important factors of a successful event. And so we’d like to introduce and thank our internet partner for bringing yet again an awesome connection at the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

We welcome Telekom onboard our Startup Weekend journey and would like to thank them for partnering up with us yet again and helping out so that we can rely on a powerful internet connection.

If we scroll down memory lane, last year’s speedtest looked like this:


We’re curious on how it will all work this year and there’s only one way to find out: be there!

Our first partner

We’re always grateful for the support offered by the community and by it’s members. We’re even more overwhelmed when the support comes from outside the community. This is why we proudly announce Telenav as the first partner for this year’s edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara.

Telenav’s mission is to help reduce stress, improve productivity, and make life more fun for people on the go. They develop personalized navigation services that help people make smarter decisions about where to go, what to do, when to leave, and how to get there.


You can always be up-to-date with their work by following them on facebook.

Partners help make Startup Weekend Timisoara what it is today and help us have a continuously developing and growing community. Read more about partnering and supporting #SWTimisoara here