Udemy Course Collection (insane discount inside)

Udemy is the online learning and teaching marketplace with the mission of helping anyone learn anything. They enable everyday experts to create courses and share them with more than 6 million students globally – all you need is expertise and passion to get started.


We teamed up with them to create a very special course collection page which takes you from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur. The collection features amazing courses which usually cost sowething between 29€ and 299€. But we managed to get a very sweet deal, exlucively for all fans of Startup Weekend Hamburg: Use the discount code “SWHH2015” to buy any course from the collection for 19€. Since this is an insanely low prize, it’s only valid until June 15th 2015.
valid until June 15th 2015
Udemy x Startup Weekend Hamburg
They have over 25,000 courses on everything from Microsoft Excel to Apple’s Swift programming language to yoga to photography. The courses are self-paced and once enrolled, you have access to that course content from you desktop or mobile device forever.


Udemy courses are available in more than 80 languages and in more than 190 countries around the world. They currently have more than 100,000 students in Germany and over 150 German courses. For example, “Android Lollipop Programmieren lernen! 14 Apps entwickeln!” enables people to develop their own apps for Android devices, or the free course “Erstelle deine Webseite in nur 35 Minuten” explains how one can build a homepage without any knowledge about HTML and CSS.


Unlike other edtech companies that focus on K12 or the higher education space, Udemy is committed to helping adults get the necessary skills to advance their careers, change jobs or pursue passions. We recommend Udemy as a great resource for many of you, or really anyone looking to try something new and best equip themselves to reach their goals.


There is also the opportunity to teach on Udemy. Everybody can become an instructor and the only requirement is to be passionate about a topic. No cost is associated with teaching on Udemy and one can use state-of-the-art course design tools to create own online courses. It has never been easier to share knowledge, inspire millions, and monetize expertise.


So, what are you waiting for? Use the discount code “SWHH2015” to buy any course from the collection for 19€, valid until June 15th 2015.


P.S. 5 participants out of the three winning teams of Startup Weekend Hamburg 2015 will get all the collection for free (worth 3550€ each). Thank you udemy!