Prizes Announced for Startup Weekend Nottingham 2014!


The prizes have been announced for Startup Weekend Nottingham 2014.

For the winning team:

Each of the participating groups will also get the following from Heart Internet:

  • A free domain for a year
  • 1 month’s free web hosting
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George Mills Looks Back on Startup Weekend 2013

George Mills attended Startup Weekend Nottingham in 2013 and reflects on experience of the weekend.

“I went to the Startup Weekend to get involved with some unique ideas, see different skills and work with outgoing people – by the end of the weekend I had come away with all three. Seeing the process of rapidly formulating, validating and developing business ideas through combining the skills of each team member was exciting, the whole thing was amplified by the fact that we had different approaches and experience. From developers and designers to entrepreneurs and industry experts it was great to work on unique ideas with people who think is different ways.

That was the biggest eye opener for me – being with new people, bringing together a team and working towards goals in an intense environment – things really do happen.”

George is now a coach at the Next Business Generation Programme in Nottingham, helping local startups on the execution of Lean Methodology.

George Mills

I have really found my passion in life, and I am coming to the best place I know to make my dreams a reality!

Still trying to decide whether to attend Startup Weekend Nottingham this year?

Ziyad Yehia, a Research Student at the University of Nottingham attended last year and has already registered to do it all again this year!

“Last year at Startup Weekend Nottingham 2013 I had a really wonderful experience. I got to meet so many new and diverse people, and work very passionately with the ‘Break Club’ group and had loads of fun. I couldn’t even call it work!

The concept that we could effectively set up a business after just 2 days was astounding, but surprisingly we actually did it, with a few investors interested in funding our idea. This year I am coming back for a second time as I have had a long year of contemplation and self-discovery. I have really found my passion in life, and I am coming to the best place I know to make my dreams a reality!

Bring it on SW Notts 2014!”


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An attendee from Startup Weekend Nottingham 2013 shares her thoughts!

Philippa Main took part in the inaugural Startup Weekend Nottingham 2013. Here are her thoughts from last year!

The Start Up Weekend Nottingham started off with a BANG. We stepped into a room full with enthusiastic people, buzzing with ideas, insights, and a welcome glow. It was a weekend full of good food & great company. This event was well laiden with business minds, from all ages. The technical minds were being competed over since they were in such short supply. There was a lot of welcomed pressure – bringing an idea alive in two and a half days brings that. But despite all the ups and downs, I thoroughly enjoyed my time. Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself and how I work. It also made me very aware of where my strengths lay, and where they definitely did not, what sort of work environment I loved, and the people I work best with. I’m still in contact with many of the participants who I met at the weekend, and on recalling it, I can’t help but respond with a smile. It was truly an invigorating weekend. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to mix things up a bit, meet some engaging and inspired individuals, and jump in to the world of possibilities.

My participation at the StartUp Weekend led me to participate in the European Innovation Academy (a three week business accelerator in Nice) where I met, and worked with the CEO of Foodloop. I was offered a job after the Academy.

Source: Philippa Main – Head of PR at FoodLoop GmbH

Philippa Main Photo


Did you miss Startup Weekend 2013? View images and the recap video here

Did you miss Startup Weekend Nottingham 2013?

It was an epic 2 days held at BioCity and Broadway in Nottingham with 6 teams of ambitious entrepreneurs creating startups over the weekend!

You can view images from the event here.

You can view the video of the event here.

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