Interview with an awesome mentor

As we’re approaching the event, we would love to present our first mentor, Adrian PicaWe proceeded to interrogate him and this is what he confessed us:

  1. What are you doing right now?
    Adrian: I am  Founder & CEO at, a media outlet where we write about tech and startups in CEE; A Product Manager at Telenav also Global Facilitator at Startup Weekend and above all Mentor at Spherik Accelerator
    As we are always curious, we checked with our researchers to gather more intel and we found out that:
    He has discovered something about humans and exploits it with We’re suspicious that became so  awesome because it’s so practical, with way too cool stuff posted, about all that’s new on Startups, tech and business in CEE, all that in articles that you can read in 150 seconds. Also SPHERIK ACCELERATOR was nominated for one of the best supporter for Startups by Business Review in 2015.
  1. How did you enter the Startup Weekend world?
    Adrian: Participating at a Startup Weekend event in Milan and then organizing the Startup Weekend in Timisoara.
    We did some digging and it looks like he started to organize Startup Weekend Timisoara in July 2013.
  1. What are your top 3 favourite startups at the moment and why?
    Adrian: AirBNB, Uber and Foursquare – because I love to travel and they are the perfect tool to discover a new city in a very comfortable way.
  1. What are you expecting from the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara?
    Adrian: I hope i’ll see projects that can be quickly implemented and can get some revenue during the weekend.
  1. What is your biggest piece of advice to Startup Weekend attendees?
    Adrian: Fall in love with the problem not with your solution.

One more important thing that we’re introducing this year: super powersWe went along and asked Adrian what is his superpower.
Adrian: out of the teams I’m mentoring, I always have at least one that has some revenue during the weekend.

This was all for now, stay tuned to find out more about this year’s batch of mentors and remember: they will be at the event to help you so engage with them!

SWTimisoara Team,
Over and out

The place where magic happens

There is one place where dreams come true, where you can go and meet wonderful people with whom you can spend plenty of time without noticing it flying.

Yes, this place really exists and it’s called AmbasadaIt has a special vibe that makes it so brilliant for both important and casual meetings.

We’ve chosen the same venue for this year’s edition of Startup Weekend because we were hypnotized by it’s awesomeness. Last year, everybody was fascinated by it’s greatness. All the teams worked peacefully and had the greatest coffee available at the times of need. On our previous blog post we presented your feedback and according to that everybody was on the same page regarding the place.

The upper part of venue is opened for various events from “DIY” workshops, movie nights, concerts to company meetings. This place is excellent for those who want to do networking but you can also work in peace and quiet. It’s a perfect environment for great ideas.
Downstairs, you are surrounded by friendliness and warmth. The coffee scent along with delicious treats will complete the image of a wonderful day.
On the left side, is the “serious” room where formal greetings take place. Here is the place where things are created.

Not to mention that Ambasada’s staff is made out of friendly and open-minded people who really know how to create a great atmosphere.

You are able to feel the harmony of this place just by passing by. If you don’t believe us, you can pay them a visit anytime and see for yourself.

#SWTimisoara team over and out!


Surprises wherever you look!

Peeps, we come with stunning news.

On the 2nd of March, will take place our first pre-event. It will be at Ambasada beginning with 19:00 up until 20:30.

We’ll introduce you to the Startup Weekend concept, how it all began, what does Startup Weekend actually mean and when did we start being so awesome to host an event as interesting as this in Timisoara.  
We also have some magic tricks which will be revealed on the spot. Our wonder-facilitator Kathleen, has prepared something cool for you.

Here is the pre-event’s timetable:
18:40 – 19:00 Get a coffee and a good seat in the house (seats are limited)
19:00 – 19:30 Welcome;
– What is Startup Weekend about
– Startup Weekend, the movement (Startup Weekend Global)
– Startup Weekends in Romania
– Startup Weekend Timisoara
19:30 – 19:40 Updates about this year’s Startup Weekend Timisoara
19:40 – 20:00 Startup scene in Timisoara

It’s gonna be an awesome evening, with great topics and lots of fun.
Be there!

Insights of previous SWTimisoara editions

Let’s take a look on previous editions of SWTimisoara:

From the 4th edition, we had 54 participants who wanted to improve their entrepreneurial skills. Over 1 weekend, at a wonderful venue, there were 19 ideas pitched, 8 final presentations. There were 9 awesome mentors who gave over 200 advises, shared ideas and feedback. 70 excellent pizzas, 200 coffees and beers. There are shared over 1000 memories shown in photos and many more in videos.
And all this insanity was created by 7 hard-working organizers helped by 10 local sponsors and 7 volunteers.

As for the the first
3 editions, SWTimisoara was pleased to have 194 attendees. A total of 80 ideas were pitched from which 26 were presented at the final pitch. Mentors were from all around the world starting with USA and ending Turkey. We had  Andrew Hyde as a facilitator, the founder of Startup Weekend. Magic tricks were performed by making 450 pizzas and 10 L of coffee disappear. 883 breakfasts and lunches fed our hungry participants in their time of need.

As you can see, we are growing stronger and rapidly. Participating at a Startup Weekend, can change the way you think about building a Startup of your own.

Become a hero and join us to this awesome adventure!
SWTimisoara Team

Saturday’s workshops

We have awesome news for you. On this edition, we added sparks in the program. On the 16 th of April, which means Saturday, will take place 2 workshops.

Business Model Canvas

“The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.” -Wikipedia
In order to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, you need to organize top-notch your  startup ideas.

Check this link for further info:
Prepare your Pitch

Everyone has the “stage fright” and gets nervous during a presentation. That’s why the second workshop helps you to “Prepare your Pitch”. It’s difficult to explain a startup ideas in half an hour, so try to do it in 5 min.’s hard but not impossible.

Here is a good read to find out what is a good pitch and how should it look like:
LIVE.OTCrevWe want you to be glamorous during the final presentation.

Catch you later, SWTimisoara Team


Awesome facilitator for an amazing event!

Amazing people, we have a big surprise for you, on this edition we’ll have an awesome facilitator and she is Kathleen Fritzsche. A facilitator is a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need.  This means that she is the Superwoman.

 Kathleen Fritzsche facilitatoris from Germany and she has interests in various fields such as: marketing, social media, foreign languages (she knows 6 languages) and sociolinguistics. From her interests in marketing and management, she co-founded Accelerate Stuttgart, the first accelerator program for startups from Stuttgart. She has also been active as a Startup Weekend organizer, speaker and facilitator since 2013.

On the 2nd of March, she’ll be joining us, virtually, from Stuttgart for the pre-event.
For more info about the pre-event, check here:

If you wanna see her awesomeness rock on stage, join us for the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara!
You can book your seat here:

Feedback, feedback everywhere!

Hello again,

We’ve analyzed your feedback and we’ve learned that the venuewe choose is important as well as free waterand coffee. These 2 are almost essential for “working” over the weekend. food is not that salient because the studies has shown that a living being can resist without  food  at least 54 hours.

We found out that T-shirts  and swag are not that significant as the prizes are. The mentoring sessions with international mentor are really important. They bring bling blingin the contest.

Most of you didn’t know about the  pre-event  and the ones who knew considered them useful. So, we figured we’ll just shout here. The first pre-event will be about what does Startup Weekend mean and what are our plans for April. This pre-event will be on the 2nd of March at 19:00.
For more information about this pre-event, you can enter here:

Also, the average price of a ticketsshould be around 30-35 Euros.

Did we get it right?
Let us know 🙂
Feedback matters

Very early bird tickets!

Hello you, yes you,

We proudly announce that the very early bird tickets are available. They are limited seats and can be found until the 22nd of February. There are 3 types of tickets: one for the techies, one for the creative types and last but not least, one for the amazing non-techs. 

So, “put your skates on” and get them here:


For those of you who are new here, at Startup Weekend Timisoara, we provide you with all that you need throughout the weekend from the boring things such as good food and drinks to the super-fast internet, legendary mentors, great networking…and #swag.

#SWTimisoara team over and out!



Guess who’s back?

Long time, no see!

The 5th edition of Startup Weekend Timişoara is coming to town this spring. We have many tricks up our sleeve, but first things first, the event will begin on the 15th of April up until 17th of April. Other surprises will come shortly, so save the date!

Because the event is near, your help is needed. We want your feedback for the previous Startup Weekend editions because we want to improve the quality of the event.

Here is a link for the form:

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Remember, we’re only one Facebook chat away (come and say “Helloooooooo!”):

Stay tuned for further updates 😀
SWTimisoara Team