How Techstars is solving global challenges?

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to build your startup?

Well, the Startup Weekend is going to happen this month in Rajkot on 28th-30th June.

What is Startup Weekend?

It is an event on delivering an awesome entrepreneurial experience for people who have ideas and want to make the business or product out of that. It is 54 hours actionable framework where participants can execute on their ideas from pitching it to team building and finally making the minimal viable product.

This time Techstars has brought the Startup Weekend edition Global Sustainable Revolution. In this edition there are 15 global challenges is chosen which we are facing. So in this edition entrepreneurs and problem solvers will try to solve these challenges through their ideas by creating sustainable products and solutions.

More Exciting about Startup Weekend is…

All around the world, more than 50 cities have hosted these Startup Weekends with the help of local organizers and startup weekend facilitators. Local initiatives are together creating a global impact – a big movement towards a sustainable world!

Encouraging disruption for a much better future :

Startup Weekend is an overall network for entrepreneurship and the ideal method to achieve these objectives. This version will rejoin a great many members driven by the will to make, venture up, motivate and be propelled. Besides, it will likewise offer them the chance to understand that they are all change creators.

For creating better and quality future participants will develop solutions around the major challenges proposed by  #GSWSR

1) Build eco-conceived products & reverse planned obsolescence

2) Change from a consumer business model to a user business model

3) Extend Products’ Lifetime

4) Upcycling

5) Substitute the disposable by the sustainable

6) Foster local production and local distribution

7) Reduce food waste

8) Build sustainable agriculture and a sustainable food industry

9) Build highly energy efficient products and systems

10) Produce sustainable energy

11) (Re)Build sustainable buildings

12) Design resilient, smart and inclusive cities

13) Design Fintech for inclusive sustainable finance and markets

14) Build the future of sustainable transportation

15) Foster education on sustainability

Let me brief you about some of the challenges :

Challenge 1:- Build eco-conceived products & reverse planned obsolescence

Creating products with materials which are sustainable, as nearby as could reasonably be expected, and extend the lifetime of these products however much as could reasonably be expected.

Challenge 2: – Change from a consumer business model to a user business model

Build a business model that satisfies more needs with fewer resources using two main concepts:

   i) The sharing economy which is about sharing the use of assets often facilitated by a community based online platform.

  ii) The functional economy which is about selling a service instead of selling a good.

Challenge 3: – Extend Products’ Lifetime

Extending products’ life by three methods:

   i) Repairing products

   ii) Reconditioning products

   iii) Second-hand marketplaces

Challenge 4:- Upcycling

    Replace disposable items by a logistics using long lasting returnable items, or biodegradable items.

Challenge 5:-  Substitute the disposable by the sustainable

     Transform by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality.

Creating sustainable and future problem proof solutions are the core of startup weekend global sustainable revolution.

So what are you waiting for let’s participate and build solutions for global challenges?