Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator as Portland Startup Weekends Platinum Sponsor

jrl tech

Portland Startup Weekend would like to announce our Platinum event sponsor, Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator (JLR Incubator)!

The amazing generosity of JLR Incubator has made this year’s Portland startup weekend a success. Without them, the task of putting together this event would be so much harder.

“Our mission is to encourage, promote and support new software-based technologies that are being developed by U.S. technology start-ups.”

Through their 6-month incubator program, companies will receive assistance with technical engineering and operational support from established professionals in the field. The on-staff site in right here in Portland works with the startups to help them grow to their full potential.

On top of getting connected to mentors, companies selected for the incubator program will also receive capital investments, 6-months rent free at their facilities, legal support and networking on top of other benefits.

Thank you so much Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator for your amazing support! Portland Startup Weekend could not do this without you!

To learn more about Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter @JLRIncubator.

Act-On Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

act on

Portland Startup Weekend is pleased to announce Act-On as one of our event sponsors!

Act-On’s mission is to power small marketing teams with big ambitions through their platform, which was built to help with engage buyers with their customers products or services. Their technology gives customers the ability personalize their marketing, adding the value of marketing automation, without the hassle of larger enterprise systems.

Act-on was founded in 2008 to help change the way people were approaching buying decisions and have since grown to have over 3000 companies using Act-On to help drive their business.

Thank you Act-On for your support in this year’s Portland Startup Weekend! To learn more about what they do, please visit their website or follow them on Twitter @ActOnSoftware.

Silicon Valley Bank Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend


We are pleased to announce Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) as one of this years gold event sponsors!

SVB began with an inspired idea among a group of friends playing poker 30 years ago, and has since developed into a successful global financial service company with an entrepreneurial mind. They have helped their customers build ideas through SVB’s targeted financial services and expertise.

Named by Forbes as one of America’s best banks in 2015 and as one of America’s best-managed companies in 2014, we are so excited to have SVB at Portland Startup weekend to share their knowledge with our participants.

Thank you Silicon Valley bank for your support in this years event! To learn more about SVB, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter @SVB_Financial.

Thank you to our catering partners!

Portland Startup Weekend would like to thank Spork Catering, Khao San Thai Street Food, 24th and Meatballs and Ate-Oh-Ate as our catering partners.

These companies provide the fuel that is necessary to create, innovate and grow the startup ideas over the weekend.

Thank you for providing food for our participants during the 2015 Portland Startup Weekend!


New Relic Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

new relic

Portland Startup Weekend is proud to announce one of this years event sponsors, New Relic!

New Relic is a software analytic company that helps condense their customer’s data to help them make better business decisions. With their comprehensive SaaS-based solutions, they are able to consolidate the monitoring data and see real customer interactions. New Relic then provides their customers with the information necessary to improve their business.

New Relic believes that knowing your customer better will make for improved business and that in order to do this, businesses need to see what their customers are doing with their software.

Thank you New Relic for the support in this year’s Portland Startup Weekend! Please visit their website or follow them on Twitter @newrelic to learn more!

Code Guild Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

code guild 2

Portland Startup Weekend is pleased to announce Code Guild as one of our returning sponsors for this years event!

A Portland based company, Code Guild offers immersive training programs to their students to provide them with the tools they need to be successful developers. Code Guilds classes teach Python, SQL and the basics of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. With small class sizes offered, students receive individualized attention, allowing for a better education on the programs offered.

We greatly appreciate the support of Code Guild! To learn more about them, please follow them on twitter @PDXCodeGuild or visit their website

TiE Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend


Portland Startup Weekend is happy to welcome back TiE as one of this year’s silver event sponsors!

TiE is a non-profit, global community that believes in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship. TiE uses their 5-pillar system of mentoring, networking, education, incubating and funding to help reach their goal of building better entrepreneurial communities.

Founded in 1992, TiE is currently the world’s largest entrepreneurial organization. Through TiEs global connections, they work on bringing international benefits and foreign investments to the entrepreneurial communities throughout Oregon.

Thank you TiE for your continued support of Portland Startup Weekend! To get involved or to learn more, please visit their website or follow them on twitter @tiesv.

Scratch It Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

scrathc it

We are pleased to announce Scratch It as one of Portland Startup Weekends gold event sponsors!

Scratch It is the leader in reveal marketing, which combines curiosity and psychology to increase conversion and interest for businesses. Through their platform, which is used to design, build and host reveal marketing messages, Scratch It has made it simple for non-technical marketers to use reveal marketing strategies.

Scratch It provides the ability to present your voice in a way that stands out from others. Their innovative technology has been used by many large corporations around the world including Travelocity, Sandals and Lenovo.

Thank you Scratch It for your support in this year’s Portland Startup Weekend. Please visit their website and follow them on Twitter @Scratchit.

Puppet Labs Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

puppet labs

Portland Startup Weekend is pleased to announce one of this year’s gold event sponsors, Puppet Labs!

Puppet Labs makes IT automation software for system administrators, to allow them to have more free time to work on valuable things for their company. Their software can make quick and repeatable changes that automatically insure consistent system and device updates. Puppet Labs is an engine for getting the work done repeatedly and quickly. Their mission is to drive the cost of technology change to zero.

Focused on hiring employees with passion, curiosity and intelligence, they strive to make real impacts on their customers lives and companies. Puppet Labs is fast growing, driven and restless.

We appreciate the support of Puppet Labs in this year Portland Startup weekend. To learn more about what they do, please follow then on twitter @puppetlabs or vistit their website


PrestoBox Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

presto box new

Portland Startup Weekend is pleased to welcome back one of last years event sponsors, PrestoBox!

As the world’s first automated branding agency, PrestoBox takes the hassle out of early stage branding that many small business face. From using their “Brand Genie” software, users are given recommendations for their brand personality, where they can then easily create their logo, business cards and website.

One of Portland Startup Weekend mentors and Presto Box Co-founder and President, Sara Conte, is seasoned in the entrepreneurial art of “figuring it out” and backed with a Harvard MBA.

We appreciate the continued support of PrestoBox in this year’s Portland Startup Weekend! To see more of what PrestoBox does, please follow them on twitter @PrestoBoxIt or visit them online at