Startup Weekend Volos: Fiware as a Platinum Sponsor!!!


FIWARE seeks to provide a truly open, public and royalty-free architecture and a set of open specifications that will allow developers, service providers, enterprises and other organizations to develop products that satisfy their needs while still being open and innovative.

FIWARE will dramatically increase Europe’s Information and Communications Technology competitiveness by introducing an innovative infrastructure that enables cost-effective creation and delivery of versatile digital services, high quality of service and security guarantees.

The platform aims to reduce obstacles and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in a variety of ways:

·       Offering a set of open APIs that allow developers to avoid getting tied to any specific vendor, therefore protecting application developer’s investment.

·       Providing a powerful foundation for the Future Internet, cultivating a sustainable ecosystem for:

o   Service providers: delivering new applications and solutions meeting the requirements of established and emerging areas of use.
o   End users and consumers actively participating in content and service consumption and creation.

FIWARE will respond to the demands of end customers as well as enterprises and organizations:

a)     End customers want to gain access and easily consume applications that can effectively assist them in daily life situations. Some of the underlying problems involved in satisfying this are the management of ever-growing data and information (e.g. from sensor-enabled environments) and the seamless access anywhere, anytime and from any device. They also require improved means for real-time communication and collaboration within their social networks, families and neighborhoods while being mobile, without risking any security or privacy requirements. Overall, these capabilities could transform communities, homes and cities into safer and better places to live and leverage the Internet as an additional utility for Society.

b)     Enterprises and organizations on the other hand, wish to get closer to their customers in order to deliver an even more compelling user experience and better service. For this reason, they would like to exploit contextual user data which may lead to a more personalized interaction experience and service offering, creating stronger participation of users in all phases of product and service lifecycles. In order to develop and operate these services, new methods, technologies and tools are needed to speed up the time to market, establish value added services and simplify access to relevant resources and capabilities, e.g., from the Internet of Things. Additional requirements on business services include reduced complexity of ICT provisioning, scaling, global availability and meeting security requirements from customers and legal authorities. An appropriate Future Internet platform would greatly contribute to meeting these demands from business customers.

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Startup Weekend Volos: Google Developer Group (GDG) will be here!!!



Google Developer Group (GDG) Playground aims at creating a vibrant and productive Google-focused community. We want to bring together passion 4 Innovation, to share latest developments, to ignite creativity and productivity so to create new products and services or update already existing ones, based on Google technology and tools, but not only ;-).

At GDG Playground we believe that people and sharing matter, we believe that environment reflects community’s value.

Let’s come and play with Google!

Disclaimer: GDG Playground is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed on this +Page should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.


First prize and crowds favorite idea during 2nd Startup Weekend Volos 2014


First prize and crowds favorite idea during 2nd Startup Weekend Volos 2014

iOrder is a new mobile application that will save you time from ordering Coffee or Snacks.

With the iOrder application
-you get rid of: coins, wallets, waiting in queues
-you gain: special offers from your favorite coffee shops

You simply:
1.sign in
2.make your order via your smartphone
3.pick it up on your way to work, school etc.

iOrder won the First prize and the favotite crowds idea in the second Startup Weekend 2014 in Volos.

Below you can find our facebook page:

Startup Weekend Volos: Dios support our event!!!

DIOS_LOGO_CMYK (me fonto)


Water as a “basic need” is our top priority, in order to ensure a safe and healthy product brought to your table. We consider equally important, however, the cover of some different needs, those of the people around us. We continue to actively support people with disabilities and vulnerable groups with responsibility and love – your recognition is our justification.   Olympus Festival Organization Olympus Festival Organization Center of Arts and Letters Dion Pieria Scouts of Greece

Startup Weekend Volos By Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU)


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) 
The main objective of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) is to develop the entrepreneurial and innovation skills of the University of Thessaly students and to provide support for them in undertaking entrepreneurial activities. To this end the I.E.U. implements activities such as: teaching entrepreneurship courses related to entrepreneurship and innovation, securing direct contact with the entrepreneurial community with the help of production and business site visits, the use of well-known entrepreneurs in lectures, seminars and mentoring schemes, as well as supporting student entrepreneurial activities through specialized guides and tools and individual counseling. A mixture of different educational tools is used: team working, speeches by invited – mainly young – entrepreneurs and work with experienced mentors, site visits to innovative businesses, support of student teams through specialized guides and tools and team coaching and hosting of events and competitions. During the program students are expected to organize themselves in teams (simulating a real start-up endeavor) and present their ideas and plans in writing as well as to defend them orally.


The following courses are offered to 12 departments of the University of Thessaly, including the Polytechnic School, the School of Agricultural Sciences, the School of Humanities and the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and are part of the Operational Programme for Education and Lifelong Learning in Greece.


1.  Introduction to Entrepreneurship  (Winter semester)

The objective of this course is for the students to familiarize themselves with the reality of modern enterprises (particularly the Small to medium-sized and Family Enterprises) and the modern tools of management and to acquire basic entrepreneurial knowledge and culture. It is stressed that entrepreneurship does not only concern the private sector, but also the public sector and non-profit organisations (museums, hospitals, sport organizations, local authorities etc). The understanding of enterprising activity contributes also to the improvement of effectiveness of those that later will become policy makers for the economy or will work in institutions that provide infrastructures or services to enterprises.

Content: the course, indicatively, will focus on questions that concern: What is an enterprise, foundation and organisation of an enterprise, obligations of the enterprise, financing and economic management, co-operatives and their problems, introduction to marketing, distribution, sales, pricing, product and service development, human resources management (hiring, training, wage).


During the course:

  • The students will visit 1-2 enterprises related to their object of study and their interests,

  • lectures from business owners and executives will take place,

  • teams of 4-7 students will be formed in order to develop business ideas, with the advisory guidance and support of members of the entrepreneurial community.


Method of Assessment: Group project

2. Development of business plans  (Spring Semester)


The objective of this course is to provide the students with basic knowledge on the development of successful and complete business plans.


Content: the course, indicatively, will focus on questions that concern:

Exploration of business opportunities, definition of the needs of users (market research), development of business plans, investment assessment and planning, financing of start-ups (venture capital, business angels etc), management of brand names and trademarks, development of business collaborations.


During the course:

  • The students will visit 1-2 enterprises related to their object of study and their interests,

  • lectures from business owners and executives will take place

  • teams of 4-7 students will be formed in order to develop business plans, with the advisory guidance and support of members of the entrepreneurial community

Method of Assessment: Group project

Other Actions

The Unit also organizes short intensive entrepreneurship schools, participates in the organization of Open Coffee, Startup Weekend and a plethora of similar events. Furthermore, we have managed to built a dynamic network in Greece with the participation of other Innovation and Entrepreneurship Units of Greek Universities, Accelerators (The Cube, Innovation farm, Stage one, IQbility), Co-working spaces (Found.ation), local authorities, and funds (Openfund, PJ Catalyst).

Accelerator program


At the time we also run one of the two parts of the accelerator program “Mazi stin Ekkinisi (Together at the Start/Launch)” with the Federation of Enterprises and Industries. The accelerator program aims to provide services and transfer knowledge to scientists – aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into detailed and actionable business plans.




  • Encouraging scientists with entrepreneurship and the concept of risk,

  • Assessing the economic feasibility and technological excellence of a business idea, before the formal establishment of an enterprise,

  • Creating culture of entrepreneurship in scientific potential,

  • Networking and linking knowledge production to the production of profit and the commercial exploitation of innovation.

The Federation of Enterprises and Industries further aims at reviewing the relationship of research and academic institutions doing business in Greece, parameter priority for the development of a dynamic and competitive economy.


Startup Weekend Volos: Yiannis Bakouros as a Mentor



A Chemical Engineer graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1981 and received his Ph.D. in Management and Administration, in 1988, from the University of Bradford in the UK.


He worked as Production Manager, Technical Advisor, Sales Manager in Industrial and Distribution Enterprises and Consultant Companies. He was member of the board of Directors and Technical Advisor of a Textile company.


Visitor Associate Professor of the Industrial Management Division at the Engineering School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Thessaly in Greece. Key member of the development team of Thessaloniki Technology Park and Director of its Vocational Training Center. Founder of Thessaly Technology Park. Served as Chairman of Eureka National Project Coordinators during the Greek Eureka Presidency.

He has been participating in many EU Capitalization Projects and numerous Research Programmes / Projects and Studies as Scientific Responsible. Those Projects were executed and implemented in Greece, in Europe and elsewhere and were related to his main scientific and research interest such as innovation, technology management, regional development, development strategies, information management networks, reliability, maintenance, industrial health and safety.


Currently Assistant Professor at the University of West Macedonia, Head of the development of the Regional Innovation Observatory and the Virtual Technopolis of Western Macedonia. Coordinator of Regional Innovation Pole of Western Macedonia. Former Member of the board of directors of Alexandria Innovation Zone of Thessaloniki.


Startup Weekend Volos: Apostolos Papadoulis as a Judge



Dr Apostolos D. Papadoulis was born in 1957 in Volos and he is father of a daughter. His professional career starts in 1982 as Supervisor of the scientific divisions of the Association of Industries  in Thessaly and Central Greece

He is the President of the Executive Committee of the Association of Industries  in Thessaly and Central Greece since 2005 and General Manager of AEDEP Thessaly and Central Greece since 2003. His professional career started in 1982 as Supervisor of the scientific divisions of the Association of Industries  in Thessaly and Central Greece.

He holds a degree from the Department of Public Administration at Panteion University and in year 2000 was awarded a PhD Title from the Department of Regional Planning and Development at the University of Thessaly.

Since 2003 he is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Thessaly, on the subjects of Business Finance’, Business Strategy and Technology’, ‘The Strategy of Administration’, and ‘Policies of Regional Development in Greece’.

He has participated in numerous Scientific Programs and Studies and through his incumbency in the AITCG and the UTH has collaborated with multiple Scientific and Development Authorities. However, despite his diverse activity, he remains committed to the support of the Businesses in the Regions of Thessaly and Sterea Ellada in order to assist their way to development.

Startup Weekend Volos: Volunteers' Form – Help Us Out



The Startup Weekend Volos is organized and run by a team of volunteers. We need volunteers to help us in planning, promoting and executing the event. We also need assistance from experienced technology entrepreneurs to help coach our teams throughout the weekend. If you are interested, please sign up below:

Application Form

Startup Weekend Volos: Sotiris Bantas as a Mentor

sotiris bantas


Sotiris Bantas is the founder and CEO of Centaur Technologies  a developer of disruptive hardware and apps for the emerging Industrial Internet of Things. In 2000 he cofounded Helic, an EDA software company specializing in RF & high-speed IC design solutions, and served as the company’s CTO until 2014. His responsibilities have included leading R&D and product development and spearheading IP creation. He has also been involved in marketing solutions to the company’s clientele comprising leading American, Korean, Chinese and Japanese technology companies. Helic raised Venture Capital investments from Silicon Valley strategics and angels and from Fujitsu of Japan.

Sotiris Bantas holds a Ph.D. in Microelectronics and Diploma in Electrical Engineering, both received from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He holds 2 US patents and has several pending.


Startup Weekend Volos: ErgoQ will be here!!!



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