Startup Weekend Volos: Soft drinks and juice Industry EPSA from generation to generation since 1924!!!


«Delicious» EPSA

An extraordinary lemon epic, a German and his secret recipe, form the myth which accompanies the magic history of Volos soft drinks and juice industry EPSA from generation to generation since 1924.

In 2011 EPSA innovates again and creates the first Greek organic soft drinks, “EPSA organic carbonated orangeade” and “EPSA organic carbonated lemonade”. Our EPSA BIO which are produced at Agria by certified organic lemon and orange juice and certified organic sugar, will certainly satisfy even the most demanding consumers. For the new organic soft drinks the classical EPSA glass bottle is “dressed” in an elegant sleeve. The engraved rhombus of the bottle reveals after ripping a paper bag like the ones that are still used for fresh fruits packaging to traditional greengrocers. Through this finding is revealed that the new EPSA BIO soft drinks are so close to nature that draw inspiration from real life.

A few years ago, EPSA put first in the market the light soft drinks with sweetener from the stevia plant instead of sugar, lemonade and orangeade and some time later light ice tea with stevia in two flavors green tea with pomegranate – sour cherry and rooibos tea cranberry – aronia – goji berry.
The company which has become synonymous to its product, which visitors of Pelion brought in Athens as a gift to their friends, carrying boxes along with their luggage in their cars, remains a traditional family business, ‘built’ on solid foundation of the secret recipe’s myth of the German chemical engineer Otto and the high quality in which we insist, no matter the cost.


The «savoury» EPSA, makes its way in history with continuous success. The result of the accumulated experience from all these years is the natural, traditional quality, which only EPSA’s soft drinks and juices offer to the consumers.
Our factory is wonderful. It has intensely traditional style and it gives a sense of harmony as old and new coexist in a splendidly shaped space. Located in Agria, a very nice village, only 15 minutes by car from Volos.

When ever you are nearby make a call and drop by. You are most Welcome.

Arrange a tour by appointment for groups contacting our secretary +30 24280 91901.

Startup Weekend Volos: Demitrios Pournarakis as a Mentor


Demitrios is the head of product design and a co-founder of
nimbata (, an enterprise analytics company
specializing in call tracking and voice applications on the cloud.
He has previous 5 year working experience in the private sector
as an IT consultant at IBM, while currently being a Research
Associate at the Athens University of Economics and Business, ISTLab.
He holds a BSc in Business Administration from AUEB, an MSc in Information Systems
from City University London and an iMBA from AUEB and is currently in the 2nd year of
his PhD at AUEB, specializing on Brand Equity and Social Network Analysis.
Open to discussion on Web Design (HTML, CSS, Inkscape), Data Analysis (SQL, R),
Digital Marketing, Product Branding and Social Network Science.


Startup Weekend Volos: Michael Tsaoutos as a Judge

michael tsaoutos


General Manager at EPSA S.A.

Michael Tsaoutos was born in 1965 and grew up in Volos. He lives in Athens with his wife and three daughters. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and was awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Warwick Business School.

Since 2010 he is the General Manager of EPSA Soft Drinks. EPSA produces soft drinks since 1924 and its products are available all over Greece. Exports are building up and currently EPSA exports to 15 countries, including Australia, China and USA. During the last few years EPSA introduced innovative products into the market, namely Organic Lemonade and Orangeade and the “EPSA light” series, where sugar is replaced by sweetener from the stevia plant. 

Before EPSA, Michael had worked for more than two decades in Lambrakis Press. He started in 1988 as a Technology Editor for Apple products in RAM magazine. Later he became Editorial Editor for BHMARAM newspaper insert, for bit magazine and inLife magazine. He was a member of the team that started portal and organized all paid subscriptions of From 2003 until 2010 he became General Manager of (Lambrakis Press’ e-commerce site). Until recently he worked as a technology consultant for RAM and HiTECH magazines. When time permits, he still plays around with various Apple devices.

He was a member of the Greek national ski team, Greek national water ski team and represented Greece in Camel Trophy 2000 and Land Rover G4 Challenge. For the last few years he enjoys running long distance races and participating in triathlon competitions.

Startup Weekend Volos: Harry Kalogirou as a Mentor


Harry Kalogirou studied Computer Science at the University of Piraeus and did his masters in Software Engineering at the University of Ioannina. He possesses a wide range of interests and experience, from web development and databases to operating system design and implementation to 3D accelerated graphics and high performance algorithms. Since 2010 he founded the company “nlogn” and has produced and published three successful and award winning video games, across 4 mobile platforms.

Startup Weekend Volos: Nikolaos Nanas as a Mentor

Nikolaos Nanas (@nancast) graduated in 1997 from the department of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and after two years of research in Knowledge Management at the same university, he moved to the U.K. for his MSc in Intelligent Systems at Sussex University and his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi). Since 2006 he is a researcher at the Institute for Research and Technology Thessaly (IRETETH) in Greece (academic blog). As part of his PhD, he developed a unique, biologically inspired profiling model and spent the rest of his academic career studying, experimenting with and building research prototypes based on this model.
In 2010, he decided to turn his academic work into a real world product and an accompanying business. Together with his ex student, Christos Spiliopoulos they started working on developing NOOWIT in September 2011. Nick’s  research on Adaptive Information Filtering, and Web Personalization, lies at the core of NOOWIT’s computational capabilities and design. Nick is responsible for NOOWIT’s product design, front-end development, project management and business strategy.


Startup Weekend Volos: Faye Orfanou as a Mentor

faye orfanou

Faye Orfanou studied Law in Greece (Athens University), Germany (LLM in private law at Frankfurt University), London (LLM in banking and finance law at King’s College London).  She worked for 10 years (1997 -2007) as attorney-at-law in Athens Law Firms, for both international and Greek clientele in the areas of corporate law, contract law, banking and finance law, administrative law, tax law as well as in the areas of city planning and environmental regulation. For 2 years (2007- 2009) she worked as legal consultant for the Managing Authority for EU Funds of the Ministry for Public Works.

In 2009 she was appointed Special Secretary for EU Funds in the Greek Ministry of Education, a position she held for almost 3 years until July 2012. As Special Secretary for EU Funds she had the opportunity of policy design and policy implementation in the areas of education, lifelong learning and research. She designed or re-designed numerous innovative actions in the fields of education and lifelong learning.

Since 2012, making use of the knowledge, experience and networks she acquired as Special Secretary, she has developed an activity as technology transfer coordinator, mainly through Add2value pc (, a company she has co-founded, while also she has been working as legal consultant in selected projects.

At the same time in order to support people in entering and progressing into professional life she co-founded the non profit organisation “αέλια – working life lab”(

Throughout her professional career she has been an active volunteer in environmental NGOs (mainly WWF Greece) as well as in social ventures. Due to her activity in support of youth entrepreneurship during her Secretariat office term, she was selected and appointed as member of the Committee for Institutional Interventions of the Greek Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (“ΟΕΣΥΝΕ” and she offers services as a mentor for the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Orange Grove of the Dutch Embassy.

She speaks fluent English, French, German, Spanish and Italian and has basic knowledge of Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

Startup Weekend Volos: Makis Antypas as a Mentor

Co-founder and CIO of Viva Payments (, Makis is in charge of technology, operations and new services development at one of Europe’s most innovative mobile payments companies. He holds a BSc in Industrial Management from University of Piraeus and an MSc in Information Systems from the University of Sheffield.

A member of the TEDxAcademy organizing team since 2010, he took part in the organization of 5 successfull TEDx events in Athens and several parallel activities like the Rising Stars mentoring program, the Call to Innovation contest in collaboration with Singularity University, and the #dialogue4change TEDxSalons.

Talk to Makis about ideas in mobile payments, electronic money transactions, open data, technologies in home automation, the internet of things, music and contemporary architecture.

Startup Weekend Volos: Alexandros Melis as a Mentor

Alexandros Melis

alexandros melis

Alexandros has a Bachelor on Mechanical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master in Arts in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations from The University of Sheffield. He has an extensive working experience both in Event Marketing and Community Management. He is also a co-founder of Sponsor Boat and THHF festival.

For Second time Domotel Xenia Volos support our Startup Weekend Volos!

xeniavolos new

Welcome to one of the best hotels in Volos! Domotel Xenia Hotel

The Leader hotel in Volos awarded as one of the best hotels in Volos. Domotel Xenia Volos hotel is located in Pelion, according to the Greek mythology was the summer residence of Gods and the Centaurs’ homeland. At the foot of Mt Pelion, in the cove of Pagasitikos GulfDomotel Xenia Volos hotel in Volos has created in the last years its own…myth providing hospitality services for a… divine accommodation.

With absolute respect to the cultural heritage of “Xenia” buildings that had been some of the most brilliant examples of Greek architecture in the 20th century, the hotel build in the 60’s is characteristic of the postwar modernism in Volos. It has been fully renovated , the services have been updated and the hotel has been transformed into a modern 5-star city and conventions resort for a relaxing Volos accommodation .

It is not by chance that since June 2006 when Domotel Xenia Volos started to operate gained immediately a leading position in its category in the broader area.




Startup Weekend Volos: Penny Tsaoutou as a Mentor

Penny Tsaoutou

Managing Director at EPSA S.A.penny tsaoutou

Penny graduated from Deere College in 1995 holding a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance. After completing her Masters degree in the same major at Lancaster University (UK), she works for Epsa S.A., a traditional Greek soft drinks industry, as a Financial Manager. Since 2004 she is the Managing Director of the company. Epsa S.A. is a family business and along with her father and brother continue to run the 90-year-old company, trying to combine tradition with innovation but first of all to keep quality standards high. The last four years new products were launched, like the Bio Lemonade and Orangeade, the first Greek Organic soft drinks, and the Light line, soft drinks with sweetener from the stevia plant. Both innovations gained many awards.