What's in it for the Winner at Tempe Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is awesome enough on its own, but we’re making it even more awesome!  There are two potential ways to win during this exciting Startup event. First, the organizers and primary sponsors, M2 Group, are actively looking to incubate and grow a communications based startup.  Second, the winner of the pitch-off will get help and assistance to keep their startup going, from office infrastructure and business planning assistance.

So, what is a communications app and what kind of incubation might be had? Communications technology just gets human information from one place to another using technology. So, you might be working on a Twilio app or chat or a VoIP system. If we find the right startup, you could get office infrastructure, business support, possible funding, and most importantly a sales team to help you get this to market!

But you’re not building a communications app? No problem! We don’t care if your startup idea is a new skateboard or audio device…just get it started! The winner of the pitch-off event on Sunday will receive virtual office services and business planning assistance for a year! You’ll have a place to continue working as a team and the advice from successful entrepreneurs to help you along the way.

So, think you have the next big idea? Come on out and launch your startup!