Startup Weekend Delaware Results

Startup Weekend Delaware drew 55 members of the community’s best startup enthusiasts to tackle problems ranging from disaster relief to managing multiple syllabi.  We would like to extend a huge congratulations to the Delaware community on an outstanding event, and we can only hope you’ve all been properly bitten by the Startup Weekend bug…

A recap from lead organizer, Tom Nagle:

“Startup Weekend Delaware was a blast, from the kickoff to the awards reception on Sunday night. We had a great group who buckled down and made some really cool projects over three days. It was an exhausting, and exhilarating three days of action. We had people come from as far as Austin, Texas, and Greenville, South Carolina. Lerner Hall at the University of Delaware was a fantastic venue, and we were lucky to have great mentors and judges. All accomplished business people in their own right. We were really fortunate to have Nick and Adam from, the team that won Startup Weekend Baltimore back in April. They had just come out of a three-month accelerator and just launched their application – they also stuck around most of the weekend, answered questions, and mentored on Saturday.”

Organizers: Tom Nagle, Dan Freeman, Lee Mikles

Speaker: John Currie

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Movee Monkee
    • We help movie theaters fill their seats. Hotels, airlines, and sports stadiums have all implemented yield optimization, but movie theaters are living in the past. We’re here to change that.
  • 2nd Place: Kurbi
    • We’re a web application that makes it easy for people living with MS to track their physical activity progress, manage their routines & programs, and share their progress with friends and family.

Startup Weekend Monterrey Results



Many of us are aware of the violence and uncertainty that the city of Monterrey, Mexico has faced in recent months.  It was in the midst of these destructive times that 75 startup community members came together for Startup Weekend Monterrey, not to destroy, but to build.  In the words of lead organizer Vlad Horbovanu,  “There are still a lot of people in Monterrey that build instead of destroy. Once again in my time in Mexico, these people surprised me with their resilience. I felt humbled and proud to be part of it.”  Companies were wide and varied, ranging from non-profits to a book exchange platform for college students, but all were centered around the common goal of rejuvenating Monterrey’s entrepreneurial community and proving that it can persevere.

A recap from facilitator, Santiago Zavala:

“I really didn’t know what to expect from this event. Monterrey is living in some of the most extreme violence that Mexico has seen in quite some time. It was surprising and refreshing to be able to see a thriving startup and entrepreneur scene that is working really hard to overcome this situation. The designers, programmers and business people that I met during this event made me see the situation with fresh eyes. The event was filled with awesome ideas, projects and people! The best part of it was actually seeing the really hard work that was put into learning from this experience!  I am really happy to know that there is a big group of awesome thinkers and hackers with enough support from companies and institutions that will allow them to continue to grow!”
Organizers: Vladimir HorbovanuCristina Viehmann, Ernesto de la Cruz Morales, Mircea TurcanNalleli TreviñoOsvaldo Ayala
Facilitator: Santiago Zavala
Winning Teams:
  • 1st Place: Unibooks
    • A book exchange platform for college students
  • 2nd Place:  Youmine
    • Physical storage as a service
  • Honorable Mention: Primera Cosecha
    • A virtual and physical marketplace for local goods
  • Honorable Mention: Brauer












Startup Weekend NYC Results

The latest Startup Weekend NYC returned to General Assembly, providing 176 movers and shakers of the community with full immersion into the wondrous world of startups!  We would like to congratulate the NYC community on yet another outstanding event! Startup Weekend will venture back to NYC on November 18.

A recap from lead organizer, Frank Denbow:

“This was a fun event with some great, impactful ideas pitched. The ideas ranged from the serious (Hidden Gems, ShareWith911) to the entertaining ( and everything in between. Participants worked in teams and got to work in one large urban campus, General Assembly, and learn from each other.”

Speakers: Amber Rae, Niko Pipaloff, Edward Ocampo-Gooding, Alexis Ohanian, Jason Baptiste

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: ShareWith911
    • Creating emergency information network that enables 911, First Responders and Citizens to share information bi-directionally via mobile and web.
  • 2nd Place:  Readbak
    • Turning all the world’s news text in to audio. Then delivering it to you cross platform, however you want.
  • 3rd Place:
    • Style Crushes hunts for fashion items you see on the street and provides recommendations for different products at a more affordable price point

Head to for more information!






Startup Weekend Tokyo Results

Startup Weekend returned to Japan for the second weekend in a row, this time to Tokyo!   90 members of Tokyo’s startup community gathered to generate 12 teams over the course of the weekend. Read on to see which of these teams came out on top!  We would like to congratulate all participants, organizers, and volunteers on an awesome event!  Startup Weekend will return to Japan once more on August 26 in Fukuoka.

A recap from lead organizer, Jonny Li:

“This is the 2nd leg of the 3 way battle between Kyoto, Tokyo and Fukuoka. We were very fortunate to be hosted by Mixi – one of Japans biggest social networks. 3 months after the event in May, one of the graduates of our came back and let us use their service. During the final day presentation we had 2 projectors, one for the final presenters and the other for Qlive. It was amazing seeing questions being asked live and being voted upon. There were a few funny questions, but you know…we are in Japan after all. :)”

Organizers: Jonny Li, Dongyol Lee

Speaker: Toshihisa Wanami (Lean Startup Japan)

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Cooking DJ
    • CookingDJ’s mission is to “spice up your cooking life”. If you cook everyday, that will add up to around 22 days worth of cooking time so why not make that experience fun? Starting with a recipe, Cooking DJ will break up the the cooking process into mini steps timed by music around the same length. When the music changes, it is also time to move on to the next step.
  • 2nd Place:
    • wants to help you to “Never be embarrassed again”.  Using AR technology and facial recognition, allows you to scan the room using the phones camera and compare those faces against people within your network.
  • 3rd Place: Nikenme
    • Nikenme is a restaurant recommendation service with a twist, rather than finding food based simply on food and location. They want to help you find a venue for a date. The main focus is on the mood and atmosphere of the venue and they hope that this will help you better entertain your companion.




Startup Weekend Taipei Results

Members of Taipei’s entrepreneurial community joined forces to launch 11 innovative startups at Taiwan’s first, but certainly not last, Startup Weekend.  The event brought together 130 local startup enthusiasts, as well as over 70 volunteers, mentors, speakers, judges, and members of the press.  Congratulations to the teams, volunteers, and devoted community members who offered their time and talents on an awesome event!

A recap from lead organizer, Volker Heistermann:

“This was the inaugural Startup Weekend event – sold out – in Taiwan!  We launched it at Taiwan’s new IEH (Int’l Entrepreneurship Hub) at National Chengchi University. Attendees are already asking when we’ll host the next event and comments ranged from ‘changed my life and way of thinking’ to ‘now we have alternatives to working for larger companies at low pay’.  Teams are still working on their ideas and we’ll meet again in 4 weeks to review the progress.”

Organizers: Volker Heistermann, Elias Ek

SpeakersCharles Kuai (President of Ubee)Rui Ma (Venture Capitalist)Alvin Woon (Founder of Plurk), Roger Chen (VP FarEasTone)Jeremy Yuan, Alex Chen (Founder of EZTable)

Winning Teams: 

  • 1st Place: Food Jing
    • Want to search for food or restaurants nearby but don’t know where to start?  Food Jing provides a simple way to do so.  Search for your favorite dish, and we’ll show you all the restaurants nearby serving it!
  • 2nd Place:  Vetter
    • Vetter can help you extract product ideas, efficiency ideas… even Christmas party ideas – that can help you make more money.  Set it up in minutes, simple analytics included, plans start from just $29 a month.
  • 3rd Place: EZCOOK
    • EZCook is a recipe exchange service which allows people to upload their own recipes and search for new recipes when one only has limited resoucres.

Startup Weekend Kyoto Results

Startup Weekend ventured to Kyoto, Japan for the first time uniting a crowd of 56 startupers with the common passion for collaboration and innovation, including one from Houston, Texas!  Leveraging Startup Weekend’s infectious energy, participants created 9 unique startups.  Congratulations to everyone involved in making this event such a great success!

A recap from lead organizer, Jonny Li:

“This is the first event for Kyoto and we are kicking this off with a startup battle between 3 major cities in Japan.  Although the Startup cultures and community are very young, I think Kyoto will start to see many more interesting new ideas grow!”

Organizers: Jonny Li , Dongyol Lee , Daisuke Yamashita

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Kasa Sute
    • Kasa Sute is an umbrella sharing service. Often, people forget to bring their umbrella with them. They can be long and bulky, and even if you do, sometimes you end up forgetting it on a train or a bus. Kasa Sute tries to solve this problem through an umbrella sharing pool system. Each umbrella has an embedded RFID chip and can be scanned to show that you are checking it out. This system is like a library system for umbrellas!
  • 2nd Place:  Dekilog
    • Dekilog is a new habit building application. We all make New Year’s resolutions, whether it is to follow a diet plan or study something new. The problem is that we sometimes get sidetracked. Dekilog remedies this by creating a target list of goals that you want to complete and using the feed back model as one of the many gamification techniques to keep users engaged, it encourages the user to continue pursuing their goals.
  • 3rd Place: Toilet Panic
    • Toilet Panic saves you your perfect seat while you go to the restroom. If you are working in a coffee shop writing your thesis or whatever you do in the coffee shop, there comes a time when nature calls. When that does happen, you are stuck with one option, to take your computer and everything with you. It’s a shame because that would be a really nice seat with a powersocket, or it’s a pain to pack up. Enter Toilet Panic, an app designed to let others know about your toilet status and help find people to look over your belongings while you’re away.



Startup Weekend Chandler Results

Chandler, AZ  hosted its first Startup Weekend at Gangplank.  As a collaborative workspace connecting individuals in order to create a sustainable community of trust and innovation, Gangplank provided a perfect environment to foster the Startup Weekend spirit.  Of the 91 participants, 14 teams formed, and of these teams, all 14 elected to participate in Gangplank’s Roadmap to Launch program, incubating their companies for the next 60 days.  Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding event, and good luck to all teams as they continue the journey!

A recap from lead organizer, Katie Charland:

“I couldn’t ask for a better event. Due to the number of pre-events we hosted, there was a strong feeling of community right at the beginning of the weekend. Groups were always socializing and helping each other. In many ways, we were one giant company with 14 individual products. It was overwhelming as an organizer to see a completely new community being built out of nothing. Startup Weekends in Arizona in the past have tended to draw upon the same crowd, so going into the weekend not knowing a single face was a big surprise for me. This just proves that Arizona has a lot to offer on the startup front and shouldn’t be counted out. Now the real work begins, as teams continue on the Roadmap to Launch, a 60-day program we specially designed for Startup Weekend attendee’s. We hope to have the majority of these companies pitching nationally at the end of August.”

Organizers: Katie Charland, Jonathon Kressaty

Facilitator: Chris Campbell

Speakers: Kathy Sacks (, Angelo Coppola (, Steve Swedler (, Authority Labs (, Derek Neighbors and Jade Meskill (

Teams: As all teams decided to take part in Gangplank’s incubation program, no competition was held.  Find a full list of teams at




Startup Weekend Bellingham Results

Bellingham, WA welcomed Startup Weekend with an ambitious crowd of 38 startuppers!  A huge congrats goes out to everyone involved in making this event possible.  Read on to find all the details and a quick recap!

A recap from lead organizer and facilitator, John Sechrest:

“The first Startup Weekend in Bellingham was a fabulous event. With the wonderful view of the bay, the great ongoing food, and the exceptional coffee service from Onyx Coffee Bar made the event a joy. As an initial event, it had three teams that were able to make it to some kind of revenue. Each of the teams learned huge amounts. Some team members were grinning ear to ear for the whole weekend.  The winning team, Book Promoter Pro, has a significant opportunity to help authors promote their books on Amazon. All the teams had a key piece of an opportunity. One of the keys for Book Promoter Pro, was the deep connection to a customer base and a tightly focused product. Other teams had a challenge focusing the marketing/customer development down and were each working to refine a tighter more focused customer base. Startup Weekend Bellingham was a pleasure all around. The weekend was made possible by Western Washington University, Big Idea Lab and the NW Innovation Resource Center. We had great support from Onyx Coffee Bar – beyond the call of duty.We had help from  WECU, Fibercloud, Costco, Haggens,Fairhaven Pizza and the Bagelry. Without this community support it would have been an entirely different event. The strong after-party suggests an interest in another Startup Weekend.”

Organizers: John Sechrest, Sarah Garrison, Manis Pierre, Dan Purdy, Bonnie Perez

Facilitator: John Sechrest

Speakers: Bob Crimmins, Ed Love, Dorai Thodla, Andrew Dumont, Adrian Pike


  • Book Promoter Pro:
    • A site to support the Amazon Engine Optimization to help authors of books on Amazon increase visibility and sales
    • @bookpromoterpro
  • Assign My Tasks:
    • The perfect todo list supporting task delegation and task sharing.
    • @assignmytasks
  • Wonderful Points:
    • A Good Will Gifting site, to share positive reviews and experiences
    • @wonderfulpoints
  • B2B Dash:
    • A Business to Business support to help businesses exchange orders and invoices more effeciently. ERP meets small business
    • @b2bdash
  • Egonomic Interface: –
    • A Blue Tooth SMS + Big Fingers in gloves kit
    • @nafkkit

Press: Bellingham Herald, BBJ Today,, Western Washington University

Startup Weekend Guadalajara Results

Startup Weekend took Mexico by storm once again, this time hosted by the Guadalajara startup community.  ITESO (Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara) provided 24-hour access to the 80 participants who diverged into 11 teams. We extend a huge congratulations to the Guadalajara entrepreneurial community on an awesome event!

A recap from facilitator, Santiago Zavala:

“This was my first time facilitating a Startup Weekend and I was really excited about it. The people started to show up even before 6:00 pm on Friday. I told them to start networking and they did a pretty awesome job at it. The kickoff and the pitches went really well, especially because of all the networking that happened at the beginning. There were tons of good ideas, we had more than 50% of the people pitch an idea!  The venue was really awesome, we were hosted by a very big university and it was pretty extreme. They allowed us to stay all night, and that was really fun.  The presentations on Sunday were really good, including one non-technical company demo-ing a product to clean cars without water by cleaning a car wheel. Most teams presented their prototypes live, some others used videos/screenshots.  The energy and emotions are still pretty high even a couple of days after the event. Check out the Facebook group  and some pictures!”

Organizers: Ruy Cervantes, Argel Arias, Santiago ZavalaJosé Enrique Chacón, Francisco Anguiano Ramos, Ruben MedellinRamón  Escobar

Facilitator: Santiago Zavala

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Contabot
    • Very simple yet powerful accounting SaaS application for the Mexican market
  • Runner-Up:  PlayVC
    • A game, which consists of a simulated stock market for startups. All the information comes from the crunchbase API
  • Runner-Up: CreaTuBunsen
    • A “do your own comic” iPad application using assets from a very famous Mexican web comic


Startup Weekend Dallas Results


Startup Weekend returned to Dallas for the 4th time, drawing a crowd of  75 startup enthusiasts ready to take on the 54-hour challenge!  Startup Weekend always conjures up a diverse crowd and Dallas was no different, drawing participants from as far as Kansas, and as young as 15 years old.  A huge congratulations goes out to all participants, organizers, mentors, and volunteers on an outstanding event!

A recap from lead organizer, Brad Anderson:

“It was great to see the Dallas startup scene thriving more and more. It’s been our largest turnout ever for Dallas. Nearly 75 registrants, with one as young as 15 years old, and another coming all the way from Kansas. It’s just incredible. People bonded and made some great friends, similar to how it would be if they went to school or war together.  My own quote for the weekend is ‘Startup Fever…Catch It!” A big thank you to Gabriella Draney for letting us use Tech Wildcatters to host the event, Ben Walker for helping organize, and Tyler Koblasa from, Rahim Sonawalla from Twilio, and Jon Mumm for helping as well.”

Organizers: Brad Anderson

Mentors: Tyler Koblasa (; Rahim Sonawalla  (Twilio); Jon Mumm (Tokbox)

Speakers: Erick Flatt (Tunnel Vision,; Tiffany Sunday (; Chris Abrams (SWDallas and Tech Wildcatters veteran)

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Queued At
    • Share Smarter Across Your Social Networks
    • @Queued_At
  • 2nd Place: Blackbox Aviation Systems
    • Put aviation manuals/books on your iPad and in the cloud.
    • @BlackBoxAvSys
  • 3rd Place: Insider Edge
    • Provide real time info for traders to your mobile device
    • @InsiderEdge

Press:  The Next Web

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