Startup Weekend Seattle Results

Startup Weekend took on Seattle, WA, home of Startup Weekend HQ, rallying some of the community’s greatest (and youngest) innovators!  Two highly-motivated high school students from Eastlake High in Sammamish attended and delivered a dynamite presentation for their social networking site, Student Navigator, while Judge Matt Mcllwain, a managing partner at a Seattle VC firm, brought his 8-year-old son to watch the presentations and judges’ deliberations.  Further proof that you’re never too young to get started!  We would like to congratulate the 170 participants, 21 teams, and the faithful group of volunteers on an awesome event!

A recap from lead organizer, Sasha Pasulka:

“Seattle Startup Weekend was an enormous success. Selling out nearly a month in advance, it was definitely the place everyone in the startup scene wanted to be – despite it being one of the first sunny weekends of the summer. We had enormous sponsor support from local companies, including Amazon Web Services, Gist, Aeon Law, Startup Academy International, ThinkSpace, Bookr, The Cheezburger Network, WTIA and Stiff. Plus, the folks at local coffee startup Trabant were kind enough to support the tech startup scene, providing a hot breakfast for our teams each morning. We are always amazed at what our teams can create over a weekend, and we look forward to watching each of these products develop further with the support of the Seattle tech community.”

Organizers: Sasha Pasulka

Facilitators: Marc Nager, Jennifer Cabala

Speaker: Dr. Winslow Sargeant, Chief Counsel for the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: A Place For Rover
    • A Place for Rover connects dog owners and dog hosts. The solution to kennel cough, cost and chaos.
    • @aplaceforrover
  • 2nd Place:  Forms For Hire
    • A hosted solution for HR documents and forms. Hiring Forms, employee records tracking, W-4s, all signed, sealed, delivered and stored. Available state by state.
    • @formsforhire
  • 3rd Place: Ride My Design
    • Customize your graphics on the name-brand skis and boards you already love. Upload your own creation or select a design from our community. We’ll build it, and ship it to you.


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Startup Weekend NYC Results

The latest Startup Weekend NYC returned to General Assembly, creating yet another startup force of creativity and innovation.  Of the 140 participants, 22 teams diverged with ideas ranging from a social travel booking platform, to crowd-sourced contact management.  We applaud you, thinkers and doers of NYC, for your hard work and dedication that keeps the entrepreneurial community ever-growing!  Startup Weekend will return to NYC August 12.

A Recap from lead organizer, Frank Denbow:

“We had an incredibly energetic group of starter uppers who built some amazing products. Congrats to Tagify, BrandPulsar, Selfey, and the others for doing such a great job. Many are continuing on, including AdSlapit, which is entertaining offers for usage.”

Organizers: Frank Denbow, Madhu Punjabi, Tal FlanchraychNick Gavronsky

Speakers: Melanie Moore (ToVieFor), Matt Hackett (VP Engineering, Tumblr), Michael Simmons (Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour), Aaron Price (

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place:
    • crowd-sources your contact management across all the networks you already use. Search your friends’ public tag cloud curated by all the people that know them best or create private tags that are just for you. Tagify! Define your world.s
    • @tagifyus
  • 2nd Place:
    • is the world’s first Social Accommodation Booking engine, for young independent travelers, that allow them to see who is going to stay in the hostels & guesthouses listed before they book, and even connect with them after booking a bed.
    • @inbedme
  • 3rd Place: BrandPulsar
    • BrandPulsar is a company that allows automatic brand recognition in pictures posted on blogs. Through it users can access brand’s websites/FB/Twitter directly from the picture… Brands will have access to analytics of their web presence driven by the public and how they compare to their competitors.
    • @brandpulsar


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Startup Weekend Mexico City Results

Mexico City was the official home of Mexico’s second Startup Weekend! IntegralDF, a coworking space specially fit for designers, hackers and thinkers, housed 70 individuals of  just that variety as they came together to form 10 teams with the drive to build relationships, communities, and companies.  We would like to congratulate everyone who made this event possible!

Recap from organizer, Santiago Zavala:
“We had a great time during this weekend.  We definitely got the energy that the event requires and got to meet a lot of interesting entrepreneurs.  More than 50% of the people pitched an idea, and the teams worked really hard during the weekend.  It was amazing to be able to work with people from very different parts of Mexico with different points of view and expertise.  Many of the teams are going to have meetings this week to decide how to continue working on their projects, and there is definitely a lot of energy still in the air.  Thee is a Startup Weekend on 6/24 in Guadalajara (a 6 hour drive) and a lot of the assistants of this event are trying to figure out ways to go to that one, too!  Organizing this event was not easy, mostly because it was the first one here, but it was totally worth it!!!  We are starting to plan for another one in November!”
Organizers: Santiago ZavalaEnrique Díaz Eduardo Serrano César SalazarOmar Zaragosa
Facilitator: Kav Latiolais
Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Nuflick
    • Netflix for indie movies
  • 2nd Place: Deziro
    • A website where people can ask for things they desire and others can offer to make their wishes a reality
  • 3rd Place: PrestoGarage
    • A website that connects people who need parking with empty garages


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Startup Weekend Denver Results


Startup Weekend took on Denver for the second time, bringing in twice as many participants – a sure sign that the startup community is gaining momentum and enthusiasm!  54 participants gathered at WorkBrite @ Conference Edge, and out of 32 pitches, 9 teams were formed.  We would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved in the success of Startup Weekend Denver.  You rock!

A recap from Anca Foster:
“One of the biggest accomplishments of the second Denver Startup Weekend is doubling the number of attendees! The Denver entrepreneurial community is growing, and we’re excited to contribute to that. We will keep up the hard work and aim for an even bigger and better event in the fall during Global Entrepreneurship Week! Until the, see you around at Denver Open Coffee Club and other community events in the Denver / Boulder area.”

Organizers: Jon RossiAnca FosterBrent Terrazas, Kevin Cullis, Havilah Lilly

Speakers: Fiona Schlachter – Fidatto, Tony Felice –  Red Door Interactive, Kevin Menzie – Slice of Lime

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: NowAndForever

    • gives couples a professionally-designed page to tell their family and friends about their new life together. Partnering with high-end photographers and invitation designers, we provide the most beautiful showcase for the most beautiful decision two people can make: To love each other, forever.
    • @nowforeverus
  • 2nd Place: SnapRanger

    • SnapRanger is the Facebook app that turns your everyday outdoor adventures into a game. Earn points by taking photos of nature with an iPhone or camera and in seconds upload and share them with your friends and the SnapRanger community. Hike, Snap, Win!
    • @snapranger
  • 3rd Place: What The Hell Is This Traffic?

    • Cities love events. Events bring traffic. Providing notifications BEFORE you get stuck in the middle of it.
    • @whatheh

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Startup Weekend Boston Results

Members of the Boston community gathered for a weekend full of collaboration, growth, and the infectious energy that can only be found at Startup Weekend.  Hosted by Microsoft NERD, a diverse  group of over 130 people came together to form 15 teams containing anywhere from 2 to 15 participants.  Looking back, organizer Liza Adams, had this to say: ““Startup Weekend Boston was a huge success. I was impressed with the amount of high quality ideas and the progress teams made throughout the weekend. I’m excited to see a handful of them continue on and evolve over time. Also, a huge thank you to all of our mentors and judges, as well as our sponsors Microsoft and WilmerHale. And of course to Marc for flying out and spearheading the whole weekend!”

Organizers: Liza AdamsAbby FitchnerJosh Bob

Facilitator: Marc Nager

Mentors: Jennifer LumWayne ChangWill Koffel,  Jason KroppAbby FicthnerRobbie GreenglassAaron White

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: CaseReportalVital insights for atypical cases.
  • 2nd Place: SellerCrowdSales people working together to make contacts quicker.
  • 3rd Place: CashTagThe global hashtag exchange


For a more info and a full list of teams:

Startup Weekend Toronto Results

Startup Weekend returned to Toronto leaving the entrepreneurial community fully charged and empowered as the city hosted the second largest Startup Weekend EVER with 299 registered!  We would like to extend a huge congratulations to everyone involved in making this event such an incredible success.  From our all-star volunteers to our all-star attendees – you are truly inspiring.

Of the 299 registered, 186 individuals developed 19 teams all contained in The Burroughes Building.  With this outstanding turnout lead organizer, Chris Eben, summed up the event, “I was completely blown away by this past weekend’s event. The bar was set high from last year’s event and this amazing group of people completely knocked it out of the park. I truly hope that all these teams keep pursuing these great ideas and show the world what they can do. Toronto is exploding with great entrepreneurs with amazing innovative ideas. There is no doubt in my mind that this city is completely energized by the Startup Weekend concept and I have no choice but to keep putting these on!”

Organizer: Chris Eben

Facilitator: Adam Stelle

Speakers:   Dominic BortolussiMax CameronAli AsariaSatish KanwarAndrew AngusMark Reale

Winning Teams:


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Triangle Startup Weekend Results

Triangle Startup Weekend took over Raliegh, North Carolina thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers all gathered around one goal: ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Triangle community.  Mission accomplished!

156 participants from across the region gathered to form 18 teams, including two 11-year-olds who lead their own teams and presented separate ideas!  Seasoned facilitator and Startup Weekend Community Manager, Maris McEdward, shared her thoughts: The energy and excitement I saw at Triangle Startup Weekend was infectious. The ideas pitched could not have been more different, but every attendee was dedicated to their idea and to impressing the judges. Each night we had members of almost every team stay until we had to close the venue (2 am) and people were back at work before we’d even started making coffee! Triangle SW was a fantastic event!

Organizers: Joan Siefert RoseArik Abel, Mital Patel, Kathryn James

Facilitator: Maris McEdward

Speakers: David Jones (Southern Capitol Ventures), Alexander Macris (Themis Group, Triangle Game Initiative), Nathaniel Talbott (Spreedly, Terralien), Josh Whiton (Transloc)

Winning Teams:

  • YardSprout: Find Gardeners to Grow Food in Your Yard.
  • DoTheData: Track better. Teach better.
  • Knackeo: Because everyone has a knack for something.
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Startup Weekend Madrid Results

Round 2 of Startup Weekend Madrid was made possible with the help of Ellas 2.0, a dynamic community founded with the purpose of promoting women in the creation of technology-based businesses.  Congratulations  to all organizers, mentors, speakers, and participants who made Startup Weekend Madrid such a great success!  Interested in learning more? Check out the info below.

Startup Weekend can come with its occasional challenges as Madrid on Rails lost its WIFI signal for nearly 3 hours.  Refusing to lose their positive and adaptable spirit, the 85 participants responded with humor, creating“WIFI hats” and proceeding to develop 10 innovative teams.  In the words of lead organizer Patricia Arapue,This second Startup Weekend Madrid has been awesome. I think it has been the most “multinational” SW in Spain until now. We had people from USA, France, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, England, Ireland, and Ecuador.  We feel really happy with a participation of 37% women. We want to give thanks to our sponsors, Sage and HackFwd. Sage is a good partner who has made possible another SW in Spain.  Also, it’s a great honor for HackFwd to have chosen to sponsor us.  Mentors and investors did a super job helping the teams.  We are living amidst a horrible economic crisis in our country.  We need to change our productive model.  We need more entrepreneurs, and Startup Weekend is the perfect tool to startup “The Change”.  Being a part of this community makes us feel really special.”


Organizer(s)/ Facilitators: Ellas 2.0Patricia Araque, Begoña Miguel, Susana Perez, Ana Izquierdo, Beatriz Cardona, Isabel Ávila, Cristina Soriano

Speaker(s): Luis Martín CabiedesNina Alastrueys

Winning Teams:

  • Best Overall: Pinche Toys
    • USB toys which let children connect them to their computers and play online video games found inside the toys
    • @pinchetoys
  • Most Innovative: Aparkalo
    • Mobile app allowing you to find free parking spaces in your town
    • @aparkalo
  • Best Team: Suscriptia
    • New e-commerce engine allowing e-shops to sell their products through a subscription system
    • @suscriptia



Startup Weekend Hamburg Results

Startup Weekend ventured to Hamburg, Germany this weekend!   A huge congrats to all participants, teams and organizers of Startup Weekend Hamburg on an awesome, high-energy event! You’re all rock stars in our book.  Read on to find all the details, which teams came out on top, and where you can find more information.

100 startup enthusiasts, 11 teams, and 1 group of faithful volunteers, mentors, and speakers made up the group at HafenCity University.  After 54 hours of connecting, building and empowering, lead organizer Yasha Tarani had this to say, “One of the best weekends of my life!  We met lots of amazing people with awesome ideas, outstanding entrepreneurial energy and drive to change the world. We will do another Startup Weekend in Hamburg for sure!“

Organizers: Yasha Tarani, Thomas Reimers, Michael Marder, Markus Schranner, Kim Balle, Axel Klingmann, Alex Farcet, Malte Goy, Lara Obst, Jasper Tessmann, Dagmar Fink.

Facilitator: Lasse Chor

Speakers: Stephan Uhrenbacher (founder of Qype and 9flats), David Noel (Soundcloud Evangelist)

Winning Teams:


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