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We are very pleased to announce the new Techstars class here in NYC. This will be our fifth session in the city and my first one as the Managing Director. The spring session started this week and will end with the demo day on June 5th.

We considered over 1,000 companies and selected 13 for this session. The incoming class is very diverse and includes companies working in the music space, DIY kits, Wi-Fi for venues, and also several companies focusing on technical areas like virtualization, verifiable science and artificial intelligence. We are also delighted to announce that one of the companies in this class is the first ever non-profit to get into any Techstars program.

We’ve gotten truly incredible support from the 50 Techstars alumni and 300+ mentors here in NYC. We are grateful to the community for all they’ve done and we look forward to an amazing session this Spring. Here are the companies:

Concert Window
Concert Window enables musicians to play live shows from their homes.

DYO create uniquely personal things using a combination of personal data and 3D printing.

Hollerback is a mobile app that lets you talk to friends and family through short, fun video messages.

Hullaballu makes original interactive books & games for children.

Infinit develops applications for simple, fast, and secure file transfer.

Lynxsy helps startups find talent for junior level non-technical roles.

Makers Kit
Makers Kit offers fun DIY kits and entertaining how-to videos.

Omakase (non-profit)
Omakase is a non-profit connecting tech world with the best small charities.

Pathgather develops social learning software for the enterprise.

Rival Theory
Rival Theory makes an artificial intelligence platform for the video game industry.

Social Sign.in
Social Sign.in helps venues build relationship with customers via a free WiFI.

Standard Analytics
Standard analytics builds tools and API for publishers and scientists to enable verifiable science.

Tutum develops container virtualization technology and platform based on Docker containers.

Alex Iskold
(@alexiskold) Managing Director of the Techstars NYC Accelerator. Serial entrepreneur, founder of Information Laboratory and GetGlue. Engineer, geek, complex systems addict, lover of running and yoga. Invest and help tech startups. He actively blogs about startups and venture capital at http://alexiskold.net.