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Hi, everyone! Clare Tischer here, new social media manager for Techstars. You have likely been seeing some catch up here on the ol’ blog as I bring it up to date with everything that’s been happening in our non-stop world.

Let’s get straight to it. I wanted to cover some of the funding news regarding our 2011 programs. Let’s start with Boulder. Managing Director Nicole Glaros weighs in: “With the help of the mentors and the extended Techstars investor network, it’s great to see these teams close rounds. Even though we still have a few more teams that are closing soon, all the companies are making leaps forward. Funding is only one step of the process, but with the backing of their investors and Techstars, I’m confident they will surprise us all.” Stay tuned for more.

FullContact@fullcontactAPI / Facebook
The API that keeps contact information current.
Funding Raised: $1.5M
In their words: “We’re really excited that we have the capital necessary to execute some of our ambitious goals,” said Bart Lorang. “Setting up meetings with investors is challenging and time consuming. Through its extensive network and the power of its brand, Techstars empowers entrepreneurs with access to capital in a relatively frictionless way.”
Techstars and Tequila: Thoughts from Our Summer in Boulder
FullContact Raises $1.5M Series A

Mocavo@mocavo / Facebook
World’s first and largest genealogy search engine.
Funding Raised: $1M
In their words: “Since our graduation from Techstars, the team at Mocavo has been working to forever change the way you research your family history…we’re pleased to roll out the first round of what we’ve been working on: our beautiful new free genealogy search website design.” – via the Mocavo Company Blog
TechCrunch – Mocavo Raises $1 Million to Build Its Ancestry-Centric Search Engine

ReportGrid • @reportgrid / Facebook
Provides an API for analytics and reporting that’s powered by a powerful, cloud-scalable analytics database and visualization engine.
Funding Raised: $750K
In their words: John De Goes, CEO/CTO, recently spoke with David Cohen on an episode of This Week in Techstars. “We view ourselves as being a kind of piece of the core fabric of Web 3.0 infrastructure,” he explained. “We’re not a desktop tool, we’re not a product, we’re an API.”
TechCrunch – Techstars Grad ReportGrid Raises $750K Seed Round

Simple Energy@simpleenergy / Facebook
Changing how utilities engage customers by making saving energy social, fun and simple.
Funding Raised: $900K
In their words:
“Our progress — in terms of our product, our sales, and our fundraising — would not have happened without the support we have received from Techstars. We decided to stay in Boulder post-Techstars because of the great community we developed here through the program. Even now, at a recent open house, we were joined by Techstars alums and held an impromptu mentor session. We’re working on a flagship utility partner and we want to demonstrate the efficacy of our product at scale. We’re facing a lot of competition so we’re moving fast.” – Yoav Lurie, CEO
TechCrunch – Simple Energy Raises $900,000 in Seed Funding 
ecomagination – How Gamification Just Might Save the World

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