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Are you looking for some fun gift ideas for the holidays?  Well, we have some for you!  Below are a list of creative gift ideas for people (and dogs!) of all ages and interests, plus they’re all from Techstars companies!!!  Don’t miss the promo codes offered.

Maker’s Kit -DIY Project Kits & Video Guides.  Use promo code: techstars25 for 25% off.

Litographs – Art from the books you’ve read and loved, more product videos here.  Use this discount code: SAVE10 to save 10%.

CodeStarter – For every $250 donated, they’ll ship a laptop to a kid who is waiting to enroll in a programming class. 100% of your gift covers the laptop and shipping. Donate here!

Sphero and Ollie – the app controlled robot driven by adrenaline.  Check out their website to see deals.

Romo – Your robot friend.

Occipital’s Structure Sensor – Turn your iPad into a color 3D scanner! Use this promo code for $10 off before Christmas.

Hammerhead – Hammerhead is a tool that helps cyclists find their way and discover new ones. Pre-order now!

Plated – Fresh, premium ingredients and chef-designed recipes, delivered to your door weekly.  Click here to get 4 free plates with a 6 plate min. purchase.  By redeeming this offer, you will be enrolled into a weekly subscription; you can skip weeks as needed or cancel at any time.

WeeSpring – Find the best toys and gifts for parents, babies, and kids on weeSpring.  Check out their baby gift guide.

Notion – small, extremely smart, multi-function sensor that can be placed anywhere and can help you know more about what’s happening in your home.

Brewbot – a robot that brews beer controlled and monitored using a smartphone app.  The app allows users to create, tweak or download recipes while the appliance offers the perfect brewing environment for anyone to brew their own beer.

Atlas Wristband – a fitness monitor that identifies your exercises, counts your reps and sets, calculates the calories you have burned and evaluates your form. Atlas measures your success; all you have to do is work out. Atlas is smart enough to tell the difference between push-ups and triangle pushups. Our machine learning algorithms can intelligently detect exercises in 3D effortlessly.  Discount Code: TS2015


Freedom Audio – Freedom Audio designs portable speakers for the outdoor enthusiast! Discount code for 30% off – Techstars33726

audio Pictarine – Order photo prints from your phone and pick them up from Walgreens in 1 hour. Use discount code: PHOTOPRINT50 to get 50% off!

FitBark – Redefine  the way you understand your pup, her health and behavior.  30% off all pre-orders.


Ecovent – Ecovent lets you get the right temperature in each room in your home through a system of easy to install smart vents and sensors. Use discount code: techstars for 10% off.

Invited Home Vacations – beautiful vacation rental homes with the consistency and service as fine hotels.
Megan Sweeney Megan Sweeney
(@himegansweeney) Megan is the Director of Video Production at Techstars. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Cinema/TV Production in 2004. Megan freelance directed, shot & edited various TV shows and web videos, and won three regional Emmys for “Directing” & “Youth/Children” categories.

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