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We’re delighted to announce American Airlines as a new national sponsor of Techstars.

American Airlines is committed to the success of entrepreneurs, and supports a variety of entrepreneurial programs and organizations. Their Innovators series shines a monthly spotlight on entrepreneurs and small businesses (and there you can find out more about the entrepreneurial activities they support).

Through their business travel rewards program, Business ExtrAA, American is offering all 2013 Techstars founders rewards to be redeemed for up to 5 roundtrip domestic airline tickets.

Founders can use their tickets to head to the opposite coast to meet with an investor, hop on a flight to meet with a vendor, close the next big deal face to face, and more.

We believe founders are going to find great value not only in getting to where they need to go, but also in a real partnership with the team at American. We looking forward to sharing the experiences of founders who propel their companies forward with American Airlines.

Cali Harris
(@caligater) Director of Founder Resources at Techstars