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Eleven businesses are about to embark on their journey to shape the future of financial services as the Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars gets underway next week.

Applications came in from nearly 50 countries, with selected teams representing both the incredible FinTech scene in London and the international nature of the industry including teams from Toronto to Stockholm to Barcelona. In an age where “UK team” consists of a founder from Russia now living in Arundel, a founder from the Netherlands living in Ukraine, and an Israeli living in Australia, all corners of the globe seem to be converging here in London.

It will come as no surprise many of our founders have prior lives in banking, some with decades of experience as traders, financial analysts, or even former COO of an Egyptian bank. What we had perhaps not predicted is one founder’s stint as a stand-up comedian, or another confessing in his final selection interview: “It’s a little embarrassing when people realise you have a cash register in your bedroom.” The enthusiasm for financial technology here knows no bounds.

And now, with Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins and his ExCo joining us for our kick-off, let us introduce our teams to you.

The Eleven Teams:

Aire – Enabling financial access for consumers through a next generation credit scoring algorithm.

ClauseMatch – First cloud platform for matching and negotiating master agreements for trading over-the-counter derivatives and commodities.

Crowdestates – We are the UK’s first peer-to-peer secured lending platform for residential mortgage deposits.

DoPay – Provides financial access to people through their corporate payroll.

Gust Pay – Makes music festivals and more cashless using NFC wristbands and smartphone apps.

Katalysator – An in-store experience and payments platform, Katalysator makes it possible to send targeted messages to shoppers based on proximity to products.

Market IQ – Provides actionable intelligence for investment professionals based on both structured (company financials) and unstructured datasets (Social, News, Blogs).

NoviCap – Enables businesses in credit tight markets to quickly access growth financing by auctioning their outstanding invoices to investors.

Tryum – The “Oyster Card” for the restaurant industry – a simple way using one smart card or one app to gain loyalty, redeem rewards and pay for food and drink at your favourite places.

Virtual View – Providing augmented reality, together with interactive 360 degree images for social, retail, and commercial use.

Wagevance – providing an ethical and affordable alternative to payday loans, through wage-backed pay advances.

Greg Rogers
Greg is an Executive Director with Techstars, overseeing all EMEA operations and investments including accelerators and other early stage programs. He brings fifteen years of experience in the technology space as a successful entrepreneur, senior manager, angel investor, and mentor to top start-ups. He currently resides in London.

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