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Here at Techstars, we are creating a global network for entrepreneurs, alumni, mentors, investors, folks from the industry– everyone interested in startups and building great businesses. We love the notion that the network we are building is catalyzing innovation around the world and making the world a better place.

New York City is an important node in this global network. We think of what we are building here as a home and a hub for anyone interested in startups. It’s not just about Techstars, it’s about helping and fostering startups and innovation in New York City and globally.

Whether you want to learn about starting a company, growing your team, raising financing, thinking about accelerating your company via Techstars or another program, looking for a co-founder, or just looking to chat, you are welcome at Techstars. We believe that being open, helpful and transparent is the right thing to do and is the best way to connect people, add value and grow the network.

We also believe that the most unexpected connections happen serendipitously when you give first. We love the science, structure and the method of building companies but we also enjoy the art and randomness of it all. We know that serendipity is really important in our personal lives, both in discovering amazing companies and building a global network for innovation.

Today we are happy to announce Public Office Hours and Calls. We encourage and welcome everyone to take advantage of them. Here is the current schedule:

Meet Alex on Tuesdays between 6 and 8 pm.

Call Alex on Fridays between 11:30 and 1 pm.

Meet KJ on Fridays between 3 and 5 pm.

Each meeting or call is 15 minutes. To book, click the link above and follow the instructions.

We look forward to meeting and chatting with you!

Alex Iskold
(@alexiskold) Managing Director of the Techstars NYC Accelerator. Serial entrepreneur, founder of Information Laboratory and GetGlue. Engineer, geek, complex systems addict, lover of running and yoga. Invest and help tech startups. He actively blogs about startups and venture capital at http://alexiskold.net.

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  • 5720547

    Hey, the “Meet Alex on Tuesdays” initiates the “Call Alex” google invite, not the “Meet Alex” google invite

  • 5720547

    Hey, the “Meet Alex on Tuesdays” initiates the “Call Alex” google invite, not the “Meet Alex” google invite