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I’m pleased to announce the first ever Techstars++ cohort! Companies traveled to Rochester to spend two weeks working at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator on the Mayo Clinic campus, with a mutual option to stay an additional four weeks. Through Techstars++ we will investigate the fit between these four companies and Mayo Clinic for the purposes of using innovative solutions to overcome significant problems in healthcare. The foundations for potential long-term partnerships will be built during these next two weeks.

The kickoff was well attended by Mayo Clinic leadership and dignitaries from the city of Rochester, MN, including Mayor Brede. We have a packed schedule ahead of us meeting with thought leaders and medical experts. Gauging from the excitement of the community and the diligence of the amazing founders, we expect great things!

Bitfinder is dedicated to helping people understand the impact of the air they breathe and make healthier lifestyle decisions.  The company’s first product, Awair, monitors air in the home and at the office. It analyzes air quality and provides users with actionable tips to improve their environment.
For health systems and hospitals that want to deliver home health services, Medicast is a logistics and management platform that automates and optimizes remote care delivery.  We provide a complete solution that includes mobile point of care tools, intelligent dispatch and routing, streamlined charting, and data analytics—all within an easy to use experience.
Ovuline is a consumer health company that uses machine learning, big data, wearable devices and clinical guidelines to help women conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancies.
Patient IO is a care coordination platform that helps patients adhere to their care plan outside the clinic.  Patient IO turns care plans into daily tasks patients consume on their mobile phone or via email. Care teams can monitor adherence & coordinate care using the Patient IO dashboard.
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Rachelle Oribio
Rachelle is the Program Director of the Techstars++ program. She is an MBA and former management consultant who avidly supports responsible business and social enterprise. To date she has worked with entrepreneurs to build and grow 100+ organizations and has served on multiple boards. @RachelleOribio

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