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We are pleased to announce the June Techstars++ class! These companies will be traveling to Rochester to spend two weeks working at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator on the Mayo Clinic campus. Through Techstars++ we will investigate the fit between these four companies and Mayo Clinic for the purposes of using innovative solutions to overcome significant problems in healthcare. The foundations for potential long-term partnerships will be built during these next two weeks.

The kickoff will be hosted by Mayo Clinic Center For Innovation with leadership and dignitaries from the city of Rochester, MN. We have a packed schedule ahead of us meeting with thought leaders and medical experts. Gauging from the excitement of the community and the diligence of the amazing founders, we expect great things!

Telespine is an online system of care accessible via phone, tablet or computer – The Telespine program is simple, easy to do, highly effective and costs 96% less than traditional care. Telespine provides personalized treatment through web-based content, streaming video exercises and online consults with our LBP specialists. The Telespine program guides patients through a proven step-by-step process to improve their back health. @Telespine
Jintronix is a tele-rehabilitation platform designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance patient experience using state of the art motion capture and network technology. Harnessing the engaging power of gamification, Jintronix provides patients with personalized exercises giving real-time feedback, while allowing healthcare professionals to monitor patient progress from anywhere. @Jintronix
Owlet is a “Smart Sock” that uses pulse oximetry to monitor an infant’s vital signs. What used to take up a whole hospital table with cords and wires is now appropriate for the home and convenient for medical professionals. Owlet was designed with parents in mind, it simplifies the user experience to a glowing light and allows parents to feel much needed peace of mind. Owlet is also wifi connected so the information from the sock is aggregated for remote monitoring. Owlet bridges the gap between the hospital and the home. Healthcare is being personalized for the home and Owlet intends to become the health platform for infants 0-3 years old that will connect parents to pediatricians and revolutionize the way we care for children. @owletbabycare

Rachelle Oribio
Rachelle is the Program Director of the Techstars++ program. She is an MBA and former management consultant who avidly supports responsible business and social enterprise. To date she has worked with entrepreneurs to build and grow 100+ organizations and has served on multiple boards. @RachelleOribio