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Springtime in Boston! Who wouldn’t want to spend three luscious months in Boston as the trees along the Charles bloom? Nobody! That’s who! And your opportunity to kick ass during Techstars Boston 2011 is officially now online.

Applications for the Techstars spring program in Boston are NOW OPEN! If you’ve been waiting for this moment for months now and can’t wait any longer, then it’s time to indulge yourself! Click here right now for the application form and submit one.

The application process is, as we say in Beantown, “wicked pissah easy”. Even a geek like you can do it! No spreadsheet skills required. No market segmentation analyses required. It’s a straightforward application where you tell us why you and your team are wicked pissah and how you’re going to change the world with your tremendous new products and services.

We will be accepting applications for the spring 2011 Boston program until January 9th. But don’t wait until the last minute! Techstars for a Day will be happening on January 6th, and you’ll need to get your application in by Noon ET January 5th to be considered for an invitation for TS4AD. TS4AD is a GREAT event that lets you meet many of the mentors and many of the past Techstars Boston companies. You can learn a TON!

The Boston program for 2011 will kick off with the selected companies on March 1st and wrap up with our patented wicked cool Techstars Boston DemoNite event in the first week of June. Our full schedule can be found here.

So have a seat; hang a right into the breakdown lane if you’re in your car (watch out for the staties!); grab a drink from the bubblah or find a tonic; and whip a wicked kickin’ application at us!

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars