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I was excited to see that just a few days after Filtrbox announced closing their funding round, Brightkite has followed suit. They’ve recently closed about $1M in funding from a group of private investors, and opened up a new office in Denver.

The guys from Brightkite came out with some pretty cool prototypes during the summer for their location based social networking concepts, ranging from really slick web and iPhone interfaces to in-location “satellite” big screen displays. Recently, they’ve gone into hiding for a few months and are working on some great new stuff that incorporates what they learned over the summer last year and beyond.

I remember the Brightkite concept morphing wildly during the first three weeks of Techstars, at one point completely converging with the idea from one of our other startups, then diverging again. Brightkite did a great job of staying focused on their passion focused around location based social networking, and always quickly re-centered on that when things got tricky for them. They were great at “getting it out there” and getting real customer feedback during the summer, something which I think they’ll tell you was incredibly valuable.

Congrats to Brightkite on this milestone. I’m excited to see where they take it next.

If you’re interested in the concept of social networking around physical spaces, head over and request a beta invite.

David Cohen
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