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Boston went big this week, with what some have called the best Demo Day in Boston yet. 12 companies showcased at the Royale on Wednesday morning to a full house of investors, creating a lot of buzz around the local start-up scene. The Techstars 2011 companies out of Boston are:


EverTrue: an intelligence platform that connects donor CRMs to the social graph, providing the first meaningful fundraising data service.
Ginger.io: a behavioral analytics company using mobile devices to collect big data for personal and enterprise healthcare applications.
GrabCAD: connecting CAD engineers with manufacturing and product development companies, to reduce time and cost spent on designing models, finding a partner for drafting jobs or designing and building a new prototype product.  GrabCAD also provides a free CAD model library.
Help Scout: the only email-based customer service solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, combining the personal touch of email with the scalability of a help desk.
Kinvey: the first Backend as a Service, making it ridiculously easy for developers to setup, use and maintain cloud backends for mobile apps.
Memrise: an online learning platform that combines the best insights from the art and science of memory to provide extraordinarily effective, game-like learning experiences.
Placester: making real estate advertising simple and effective, connecting online publishers and real estate professionals, on a pay-for-performance basis.
Promoboxx: the first online promotion platform that allows brands to launch, promote and track online social marketing campaigns with their retailers.
Senexx: a company that uses artificial intelligence (natural language processing) to connect people within corporations in need of information, with the information owner, by unlocking trapped knowledge in emails, Sharepoint and other systems.
Spill: an online anonymous peer support system that connects communities of individuals who are experiencing similar life problems.
Strohl Medical: an “EKG for stroke”.
The Tap Lab: creators of TapCity, the first massively multiplayer city-building game set in the real world, and the first of many titles on their real-world gaming platform.


Of course, there’s never a more appropriate ending to Demo Day than a Coolio concert at the afterparty.

Top top it off, the week has ended with Katie Rae, Techstars Managing Director in Boston, winning Angel of the Year at the 2011 MITX Innovation Awards.

Bravo, Boston.  Bravo.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars