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The Pitches

You can eat local. You can shop local. With Smallknot, you can Invest Local.
TechCrunch: Smallknot Helps You Invest in Local Businesses 

Moveline is here to look a massive, antiquated, paper-based industry in the eye, and tell it that its day has come.
TechCrunch: By Keeping It All Online, Moveline Helps Out Big-Time During Your Next Move

Creating the digital history of your life.
TechCrunch: Rewind.Me Lets You Explore Your Digital History, Then Rewards You For It 

Bondsy is a social network for sharing, selling and bartering with friends.
TechCrunch: Bondsy Is a Social Network for Friendly Transactions and Trades

The future of content at Marquee is beautiful, open and profitable.
TechCrunch: Marquee Makes Any Publisher Look Like a Page Layout Expert

Finding a Class Shouldn’t be Harder than Taking One.
TechCrunch: Classtivity Makes Sure Finding a Class Isn’t More Difficult Than Taking One

Life happens at places.
The Next Web: Wander unveils its invite-only beta as a beautiful new way to share and experience the world
TechCrunch: Wander is a More Beautiful Yelp for All the Places

There was HD, then 3D and now ConditionOne.
TechCrunch: Professional Photographer Creates ConditionOne, a 180-Degree Video Player for iPad, iPhone 

Nothing changes without feedback.
All things D: It’s Time to See Techstars’ Newest Start-Up Crop. Pay Attention to Poptip
TechCrunch: Poptip Offers Real-Time Twitter Poll Result Tracking, Hashtags and Correct Spelling Not Required

Humans no longer need to do bookkeeping, 10sheet built the technology to do it instead.
TechCrunch: 10Sheet Will Cut the Bookkeeper Out of Your Financial Equation

Pickie is bringing content and social proof to eCommerce.
TechCrunch: Pickie is a Personalized Shopping Magazine Based on Your Friends’ Social Mentions

1.3 billion people are going to be considered part of the mobile workforce and no one is ready to serve them.
TechCrunch: Lua Organizes Any Mobile Workforce with (Duh!) a Mobile App 

Telecom finally has a ghost buster: Karma, a simple and honest provider. Register and get their 4G hotspot soon.
TechCrunch: Give Some To Get Some: Karma Makes Your HotSpot Connectivity Social
The Verge: Karma, a 4G provider that rewards users for sharing their data plan with strangers


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