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It’s been busy lately at Techstars’ accelerator programs around the world with FIVE demo days this month. From Berlin to Boston to Boulder, and in the world of Robotics and Mobility, we’ve welcomed 50 new companies into the Techstars family!  Here’s a quick recap:

Berlin Class of 2015

It was the first year for a Techstars program in Berlin and the event went off without a hitch! Managing Director, Jens Lapinski, showcased this exciting class in a beautiful old theater in Berlin. The founders’ pitches were well received as the audience learned about solutions for online collaboration, booking musicians, sports venues, online tutoring and more.

Congratulations to the Berlin class of 2015!

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Boston Class of 2015

Led by Managing Director, Semyon Dukach, the Boston Demo Day was a big night showcasing the best of Beantown and beyond. One highlight of the night included the 100 year old co-founder of the iconic restaurant chain, Friendly’s, S. Prestley Blake, who introduced his grandson, ThriveHive co-founder, Adam Blake. Founder wisdom passed on through the generations!

Congratulations to the Techstars class of Boston ‘15!

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Boulder Class of 2015

This year marks the ninth class of the Boulder program, led this year by new Managing Directors, Zach Nies and Natty Zola. Founders were invited to take a step towards corporate philanthropy with Pledge 1%. Techstars co-founders David Brown and Brad Feld took the stage to talk about local success story, Sphero, Techstars global growth and the entrepreneur’s journey. During the evening, Zach also announced that the spring 2016 Boulder Demo Day will align with Boulder Startup Week!

Congratulations to the Boulder class of 2015!

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Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator, powered by Techstars

Epic. That’s the word used to describe the inaugural Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator, powered by Techstars, Demo Day in San Diego, CA, last week. Ryan Kuder, Managing Director of the program, led the event, which showcased some of the most innovative robotics technology on the market. Robotic arms, robots for gaming, drones and bringing natural sunlight indoors are only a few of the amazing products that came out of this hugely successful show!

Congratulations to the Qualcomm class of 2015!

Techstars Mobility, driven by Detroit

The resurgence of Detroit is palpable. Led by Managing Director, Ted Serbinski, the Mobility demo day showcased exciting new technologies that address the movement of people, goods, and services —increasing mobility and productivity. The big news of the night was that two of the companies, My Dealer Service and SPLT, will make Detroit their new home!

Congratulations to the Mobility class of 2015!

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During the event, a film promo was premiered – Restarting the Motor City – a documentary feature focused on the cultural, economic and social shifts happening in Detroit on the back of innovation and entrepreneurship. A Kickstarter for the film was also announced to fund the next stage of production. Good luck to Long Haul films on this awesome project!


Kerri Beers
Director of Marketing at Techstars