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The Founders


The Founders is a documentary web series that follows the adventures of tech startups pursuing their dreams in Techstars in Boulder during the summer of 2012. Season three features Birdbox, ROXIMITY and UboolyEpisodes post on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. MST. Catch up on all of the episodes for season three here.

Music in this episode is by Harper Blynn and Monika Leigh Spence. Music by Shadows on Stars, Leopold and his Fiction, R is for Rocket, and Sleep Station is provided by Audiosocket.


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“Your companies SUCK. It’s OKAY! …Convince me that you have a thing that can BE a monster.” – @bfeld (click to tweet)

“I’m so excited and proud of them because so many people don’t follow their dreams.” – @carlygloge’s mother at #tsdemoday (click to tweet)

“Entrepreneurs try to do things themselves. What @Techstars teaches you? The world of mentors.” – @bininunez @birdbox (click to tweet)

[VIDEO] “There is SO much magic in @Techstars.” – @AustinDenver of @ROXIMITY (click to tweet)

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars