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The Founders

The Founders is a documentary web series that follows the adventures of tech startups pursuing their dreams in Techstars in Boulder during the summer of 2012. Season three features Birdbox, ROXIMITY and UboolyEpisodes post on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. MST. Catch up on all of the episodes for season three here.

Music in this episode is by Monte Mar. Music by Sucker for Lights and Leopold and His Fiction is provided by Audiosocket.


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“That’s the 1st rule for all the CEOs that are raising money. JUST BE YOURSELF.” – @bartlorang of @fullcontactapi  (click to tweet)

[VIDEO] “If there’s one thing you take away from this: you’re not alone.” – @davidcohen on difficulty of fundraising (click to tweet)

On @Techstars TV: “There is no business unless your customers are funding the sustainability.” – mentor @BillFlagg (click to tweet)

[VIDEO] @Techstars TV: “Demo day is important…but remember the goal is to build a big company.” – @jeff @softtechvc  (click to tweet)

Clare Tischer
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