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Gary Vaynerchuk has been an amazing mentor for Techstars, and (not surprising if you know Gary), he is always full of straightforward, practical, no bullshit advice for our companies. He’s often popping in to our NYC office for random late night working sessions with the companies he’s adopted.

Today, Gary’s new book The Thank You Economy is out. Techstars just ordered copies for all of our companies to read.

I recently told Gary how his last book, Crush It, was my inspiration for building and launching the Techstars Network which is a working group of independently owned and operated mentorship+community driven programs using the Techstars model. The Thank You Economy goes even deeper into Gary’s story and his personal brand. Early reports are that it’s even better than Crush It. Who knows what this book will inspire us to do next!

Go buy a copy of Gary V’s new book, The Thank You Economy. And Gary, thank you for all you continue to do for Techstars and the companies in our program.

Note: Applications to Techstars in NYC and Boulder are currently open. (See our schedule)

David Cohen
(@davidcohen) Founder & Managing Partner of Techstars, previously founder of several technology companies. David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor who comments on these topics on his blog at DavidGCohen.com