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Wow! Thousands of you, once again, made Global Startup Battle a huge success for this community, and the world. Thank you so much and congratulations to each participant for putting yourself out there and taking a chance on a great idea! Participants from over 60 countries across the world came to Startup weekend, pitched an idea, formed teams, created new and lasting connections, and learned how much can be accomplished in just 54 hours.

From there, many of you went on to compete in one (or more) of the Global Startup Battle tracks. Following a week of public voting and a regional judging round, we are proud to present the Top 2 teams from each of our 6 GSB regions. These teams were selected by compiling their final vote rank, with the scores given by judges from their region.

The following 12 teams have passed their regional round and are now competing at the global level. Our awesomely talented and renowned Championship Track judges will now be scoring these teams. The final ranking for the Championships Track, and all other tracks, will be announced later this week. So stay tuned!

Bravo and awesome job to the following teams:




Genesis AR

We’re passionate gamers who love collectible card games. And we came to the Global Startup Battle 2015 with one goal – to revolutionise card gaming! We want to give gamers the opportunity to play their cards in real life, but give them the power, flexibility, and control of modern smartphones and apps.


We are focusing on enhance the customer services platform built by the companies around the world. We are building a platform that will gather all the companies’ customer service on single platform that can be easily access by smartphone users so that their problems can be solved faster, less time consuming and accurately.





SyncrHome is a french start-up built around a strong belief : the belief that technology and design reunited can change people’s lives. It is based on this belief, that we made our first product: Woodee. We have come up with a solution that will enable you to be connected to your network with one touch. Woodee is extremely simple. When you receive your Woodee you only have to configure it once, with our dedicated app. Then anyone who will put his phone on Woodee will be immediately connected.



Ever experienced a painful surge on Uber? Opened your favorite taxi app and no cabs were around? We did, and that’s why we created Caleche.

Caleche is a unique app that allows you to access all cab services around. Just put the destination you would like to go, and we will algo-handpick for you the cheapest and the closest cab around, as well as some funkier stuff…

Behind this? A diverse group of dev and biz people from Google, Amazon, BBC and Dataiku


Latam and Caribbean



The FIX-IT brings a new concept in orthotics. Moldable, (just need to be placed in warm water for a few seconds and is ready to be molded into the handle), airy, hygienic, wettable, beautiful, and most importantly, better functionally, since you need not be removing the orthosis (which slows down processing) and that it can be shaped according to the specific characteristics of each lesion (which makes the treatment more efficient)! Our business model is the B2B, where we will sell to retailers.



ProteCão was founded in 2015 with the main goal to settle the demand of assistive technologies for blind dogs around the world. Based on researches with blind dogs owners and veterinarians, there was noticed a huge necessity of a product that helps this segment. Therefore we developed a collar that emits signals to the dog on the case the sensors detected some obstacle, thus assuring that the animal become more independent with safety, improving its welfare.


Middle East and Africa



To check meter tampering and give value for money to Nigerians and Africans who buy petroleum products regularly, we are developing a device to accurately calculate fuel dispensed.

The result will be immediately available to the user, and can be routed to an online platform. For enterprise clients, this information will generate monthly analytics.



Paymart is a simple, fast, & secure third-party escrow service enabling eCommerce with anyone, anywhere in Nigeria. With Paymart, businesses can announce sales to multiple channels AND also collect all sales payment into a single portal without any coding, no setups, integration, or even own a website. Our unique proposition is initiating payment processing for a product right from the Facebook page or timeline, or Twitter feed, or Instagram comment, or SMS, or even over a phone call.


US Central and East



Honeybees are critical to our ecosystem. Unfortunately, our honeybee populations are diminishing. Commercial beekeeping practices poison and stress our honeybees. The answer lies in urban and small scale beekeeping. HoneyHomes seeks to empower our community to promote the health and survival of our pollinators by providing a hands-on educational experience in organic urban beekeeping. We have developed a program to make the urban beekeeping more accessible to our community.



LiftSync is a tech fitness company focused on transcending the barriers of fitness. Founded by Matt, Pat, and Mariner, the idea hits close to home with all three feeling as if they have not seen the proper progress in the gym. The team has a wide breadth of knowledge from electrical engineering to entrepreneurship and finance. The LiftSync team placed 1st in Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and has received backing from the Lowth Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa.


US WEST and Canada


Menehune Hat Clip

Can elementary school kids change the world? We think so. Buddy (12 yrs old), Koko (10 yrs old) and Kyndra (6 yrs old) created a revolutionary GoPro camera mount that doesn’t require a bulky strap or destroying your hat. Once we created our final prototype and beta tested it we realized that there are unlimited uses for our Menehune Hat Clip, far beyond hats. Let’s inspire kidpreneurs throughout the world.



Educators know that feedback is key to student learning. Floop is a digital platform that allows educators to provide timely, quality feedback on paper assignments. Students take a picture of their work using the app. Teachers access student work on Floop, drag and drop comments from a pre-populated bank of feedback aligned with standards, and add personalized written and audio comments. Students can instantly view feedback and respond, completing the loop and promoting dialogue.


Stay tuned for the winner announcement and follow the conversation online with #GSB2015!


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