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Techstars Day 1 The Boulder community has grown to a full boil it seems with engagement and startups. I sit in a downtown coffeeshop writing this, and can see people from 7 startups taking an afternoon break, talking to each other about projects, problems and solutions. Techstars has a great downtown office space, and until recently, we have reserved it for founders of companies we have invested in and mentors.  In the last few months we have hosted a BarCamp, iPhoneDevCamp and a few CTO lunches.

David and I both travel quite a bit (here is a map of where I have been this last year, as well as David’s via BrightKite) talking with hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs. When I was in Arizona I took a look at GangPlank, a local coworking office space. They have done an amazing job of bringing together a somewhat fragmented tech scene. One thing they do that is outstanding is host a hack night, inviting developers and designers to work collaboratively out of their office space.

With that history in mind, I would love to invite you to HackSpace, a open night at Techstars to work on some projects, meet great people and see the Techstars space on January 15th starting at 5pm. I assume it will go until 8 or 9. Bring your laptops, projects and some ideas to collaborate with the greater Boulder development community.

If this is something people like, it will become a regular thing.

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Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars