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Want to increase engagement and page views on your blog in the next 60 seconds? Try installing Intense Debate.

It’s a simple way to replace the crappy comment system that comes with your blog by default. And it works – reader engagement on several of my blogs has jumped 3-4x since I installed it. Intense Debate notifies commenters (or the publisher) and makes it easy to post comments by simply replying to emails. It also adds threading, which clarifies the conversation. I noticed my commenters across my blogs are talking to each other more than ever. The main reason? In the past a commenter who stopped by and left a comment would never know that someone else was talking back to them. Now they do, and they re-engage. This increases my page views and engagement. Best of all, my readers love it.

Today they released a great feature that allows you to automatically tweet your comments. Earlier today, I commented on a post over on Brad’s blog and Intense Debate dutifully notified all my friends via Twitter. Again, Intense Debate has found another thoughtful way to increase attention and engagement for their publishers. Intense Debate just keeps getting better all the time.

Here are some great examples of amazing engagement over on Don Dodge’s The Next Big Thing and on Feld Thoughts. Great stuff.

David Cohen
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