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Recently described as the job hunting child of eHarmony and LinkedIn, Good.Co helps people who aspire for greater meaning in their careers. The company helps users discover their unique personality mix, see how they fit with teams/peers, thrive in their current job or find a better fit. Today, the team finished the Techstars Cloud 2013 program. Let’s catch up with Samar Birwadker, founder and CEO. Try the service here with the access code goodcof&f.

Q: There are a few companies trying to build the same product as Good.co. Was there a personal experience that made you want to get behind the science on company / employee fit?
A: Completely. I took a new job early last year at an advertising agency. They had courted me for a couple of months and I had really done my research about them. A couple of months into the position, I felt like it was a terrible culture fit for me. I came from a strategy background and they were very far over on the creative field side. I wasn’t a good fit for them either. Someone else would have worked a lot better in that position.

Q: So how does Good.co match employees to the right employer or teams? What is the expectation?
Gen Y is changing the nature of the workplace. There’s a level of transparency that’s required at work now and you expect a certain level of self-discovery too. Coming from a consumer insights background, what we did was pull our SWAT team together. We have a brilliant psychologist on staff and we worked on creating a fun, engaging, and most importantly, accurate model of testing personality and behavior traits. Within fifteen questions in under three minutes, people can identify their personality archetype and they can also find out how their personalities match with their manager and team with a ‘fit score.’ We can advise them or help them find a job that are going to a solid fit. Using all of their data, we also created open source profiles of the companies too. If you were looking at your next job opportunity, it’s about your individual ambitions and goals. Our idea is to build an open-source culture graph where matching employees to employers is entirely seamless.

Q: Is there a serious market for this?
Yes. 46% of all new hires will fail within their first 19 months of employment. That means nearly one out of every two new hires either quits or is fired in less than a year and a half. A failed employee averages the company a cost of $50,000. These employees weren’t necessarily bad people – they were simply a bad fit for the company and the team they were working with.

Q: I think anyone that has been in the working world for a significant amount of time can relate to working at the wrong company.
A: Right. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way! We have seven brave souls working round the clock. We have decoded the science behind workplace happiness using 20+ years of empirical research. Our tool is great for the employee, who is more likely to find a job that will become a long-term career. And it’s great for the employer, who will save themselves the time and money associated with bad hiring decisions.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars