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Today is the beginning of FounderCon, our annual Techstars unconference. This is the private gathering of all things Techstars. We get together across our five programs and six years to be together as alumni, mentors and staff. Besides the fantastic breakout sessions and second-to-none networking, founders will meet business development folks from some of the biggest companies in the world. This year’s speakers include Dharmesh Shah, Nabeel Hyatt and Seth Godin, among others. Breakout sessions cover everything from inbound strategy to technical debt. Group planned meals allow founders to put names to e-mail addresses and bridge would-be communication gaps, leveraging our network more effectively. Nightfall brings gratuitous sessions of Werewolf. This year we’re in Boston in order to support the Boston program’s founders pitching at their demo day on Wednesday. Stay tuned to the blog for more details and recaps from FounderCon or follow the soundbites and takeaways on the hashtag as it unfolds here.

As part of our session today, we shared this infographic and wanted to display it here too. We’re so humbled by and proud of what we have built together. Click to see full-sized:

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars

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    Oh yes. We do! Looks great!

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    This is an awesome chart!

  • 1409520370

    This is an awesome chart!

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    Cool graphic! I didn’t realize the acceptance rate was so low.

    And while I understand the connection, it may be a little misleading to show WordPress (trademark logo representing an open source project) acquiring IntenseDebate. Automattic (the company that runs WordPress.com hosted blogging, among other things) did.

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    This data tells a great story. Keep it up!