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Whenever there is a Techstars programme, we like to bring talented individuals who may not have an idea or company, but nonetheless want to contribute their skills to help startups succeed. Some of these individuals are designers/coders, and we call them Hackstars – others are more business or marketing focused, and we call them Associates.

During the three month programme, Associates and Hackstars work closely with the companies, shaping their day to day operations and contributing in a meaningful way alongside the founding teams. In return, they get experience in spades, learn what it’s like to execute furiously and become a part of the Techstars family.

Our last batch of London Hackstars/Associates have done some amazing things:

Chuka Amadi is a Boston-based freelance product designer and art director

* Erik Anderson, an Associate in London is a Program Manager at Startup Wise Guys, an Estonian accelerator

* Bronwyn Barnett is currently an Executive Assistant at InnoTech Summit

* Rob Esris became the Director of Engineering at NYC-based Modabound

* Hadi Laasi, a Hackstar, and Giacomo Summa, an Associate, are now the founding team at Stylect, an Oxygen Accelerator company

* Lucija Matic attended the Global Startup Youth Program in Malaysia and mentored a winning team

If you’ve always fancied working alongside great startups, our next London programme starts mid-March. And though you might not have the team or the idea yet, if you have startups coursing your through veins, we’d love to talk to you.

Apply to be a Hackstar here and an Associate here.

Jon Bradford

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    Very proud of everyone and miss you guys that aren’t in London anymore!! Big big hugs and high fives all around xoxo

  • 100001935443736

    You guys all rock. Program wouldn’t have been 1/2 as fun w/o you. Hope it’s OK to say that. You were super helpful too!