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We are very pleased to announce the new Techstars class here in NYC. This will be our 7th session in the city, and my third as the Managing Director. The class started this week, and will end with the demo day on December 17th.

We had an overwhelming amount of high quality applicants. Thank you very much to everyone who applied. Fourteen companies that made it into the class represent less than 0.8% of applications. Seven of the companies are from NYC, two from Los Angeles, and one from Bay Area, Boston, and Seattle respectively. We also have two international teams – one from Paris and another one from Lagos, Nigeria. This is the first time that a company from Africa made it into a Techstars NYC class! 

Techstars NYC continues its commitment to funding exceptional, technology-focused founders. The companies in this class are working on improving mobile search, automating shopping and help desk assistance, making it easier to buy health insurance, building intelligence platform for law enforcement and teaching girls how to code through programmable jewelry. We are also very excited to welcome back an alumni, Jason Baptiste, who previously went through Techstars NYC as the CEO of OnSwipe. His new company is called Morsel.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the 70 Techstars NYC alumni companies and 150 mentors for their ongoing and generous support. We look forward to an amazing session this Fall.

Here are the companies:​

 1442614714375 Flip enables people to buy and sell leases from each other.
Gorgias builds customer support software powered by machine intelligence to maximize productivity.
GreatHorn is a cloud security platform that detects and prevents data breaches.
Haubby is a SaaS platform for beauty freelancers, offering client engagement, business management and product sales tools.
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.06.50 PM Homemade is a marketplace for homemade food.
Impact Health helps consumers select and buy optimal health insurance.
Jewelbots are programmable friendship bracelets that teach girls to code.
LiveLike is creating a live-sports viewing platform that combines the immersiveness of Virtual Reality with the power of social.
MAX is hyper-local on demand delivery for Urban Africa.
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.09.10 PM Mona is using machine learning to create a fully automated retail shopping assistant.
Morsel is a monthly lunch subscription service delivering healthy meals to your desk.
Sailo is an online boat rental marketplace.
Slash is a smart mobile keyboard making it easy to share anything, without switching apps.
SPIDR is the next generation communication and intelligence platform for law enforcement.
Alex Iskold
(@alexiskold) Managing Director of the Techstars NYC Accelerator. Serial entrepreneur, founder of Information Laboratory and GetGlue. Engineer, geek, complex systems addict, lover of running and yoga. Invest and help tech startups. He actively blogs about startups and venture capital at http://alexiskold.net.

  • Congratulations to all ! and a special hi to our friends from Gorgias 🙂 Let’s go guys !!!

  • Congrats to the new batch. Here’s to hoping at least one company is thinking 100x bigger. How will you spend your precious days solving society’s grandest challenges?