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MobileDevHQ is the best mobile app marketing tool for app store optimization. Think of it as SEO for applications. Currently in the Seattle program of Techstars, CEO Ian Sefferman says they are building a mobile app marketing platform, similar to HubSpot or SEOmoz but specific to applications. MobileDevHQ is an SaaS product and you can try them free for 30 days. 

Q: You applied to Techstars in 2011 and became a finalist but weren’t accepted. Why is 2012 the successful year?
A: I think we were accepted this time for two reasons. The team meaningfully changed. We brought on Patrick Haig for business development. He had joined as an intern for us while he was in law school and in his first three months, he closed $50,000 in sales. He deferred his last year of law school to work with us full time. Our product had also changed a lot. We were originally focused on helping users find applications. Now we’re 100% focused on helping app publisher and marketers nail their organic app marketing. We streamline the process for them to rank higher in search in the app store. When you use MobileDevHQ and someone types in a search query, your app shows up first or second in the search results.

Q: What’s it like to manage revenue while you’re also heads down in Techstars accelerating your business?
A: It’s really interesting and hard. The first week of Techstars was a bit of a struggle. We were a little overwhelmed by the amount of meetings we had and balancing that with our existing customers created some stress. Now we’re able to manage our time more meaningfully.

Q: Are you constantly aware of the market for whom you’re building MobileDevHQ?
A: Yes, our target customer is any app developer and marketer. We think that our data is valuable to two sets of customers: indie developers and enterprise. Without too much effort on our part, the enterprise tool is catered towards large clients and the self serve is more helpful to independent folks looking to understand their metrics. The process is twofold. First we ask, how are you doing? What is your application and who are your competitors? What are the search terms you care about? We’re able to check where you rank and how it’s affected over time. It’s the easiest way of understanding your performance in the app store. Second, once you understand how you’re performing, we have insights built into our tool, i.e. these are the best views for which you you should be optimizing, titles and keywords that matter.

Q: Post-Techstars, will you stay in Seattle?
A: We love Seattle and we’re going to be sticking around, building a big, awesome business in this great city.

MobileDevHQ is looking for an inbound marketer in Seattle.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars