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Ovuline helps couples conceive faster. Going way beyond fertility calendars and period trackers, Ovuline tells couples when they are fertile and exactly what to do each day to maximize their chances of getting pregnant. The Ovuline Smart Fertility Process cuts the time that it takes the average couple in half. Ovuline can also be used to avoid pregnancy or track menstrual cycles. I spoke with their CEO, Paris Wallace, about their experience thus far in our second Boston program this year.

Q: It’s fair to say that your product is really different than all the others we have accepted into Techstars. How did Ovuline begin?
A: The idea originated with one of the founders, Vasile, who was a student at Harvard Business School. He and his wife, Katia, wanted to start their family and went online, as people in this generation tend to do, hoping find clinically accurate advice. They found that there was no quality advice about how to conceive in regards to the individual’s process of conception. He was surprised by this so he connected with our CTO, Alex Baron, to talk about developing software for ways to do this better. Together they came up with a prototype. Vasile and Katia conceived using the prototype and baby Aaron was born. We call him the “beta baby.” We launched the beta product in January.

Q: Some might recognize that you were a mentor to the Techstars program in Boston. What’s it like going from mentor to founder in the same program?
A: I became a mentor because of my experience before Ovline founding Good Start Genetics which is a successful fertility diagnostic company. As a mentor, I’d seen firsthand what a wonderful program Techstars Boston is and how much progress participating companies make while they are in the program. Secretly, I wanted to experience the program from the other side as a CEO. Our team was hard at work on Ovuline when we saw Katie Rae’s request for health IT specific companies for her second class in 2012. We jumped at the opportunity to apply.

Q: What’s high priority right now? What are you developing?
A: We have been fortunate to have traction before Techstars in terms of early adopters. I see Techstars as a time machine because you can accomplish in a day what usually takes a week. There’s a magic formula: the right amount of motivation combined with people who can give you answers to questions that would take much longer to answer yourself. We proved that our product is something the market wanted. Now we’re working on customer development and ideas for monetization. We’re ready to have customers that are so excited about what we’re doing that they are willing to pay.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We are always looking for talented people to grow our team. We have job postings listed at ovuline.com/jobs.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars

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    just finished my period yesterday, and want to start using ovuline smart kits, can I start today?