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Currently in Techstars Cloud, Postmaster is a SaaS API for shipping that makes integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS easy. They make it simple for e-commerce businesses to integrate a robust logistical pipeline that saves time and money on shipping. I called Luke Dodson, founder, to talk about the days leading up to demo day.

Q: How long has Postmaster been live?
A: Jesse Lovelace and I have been working on it for six months together and we just officially launched our public offering two weeks ago.

Q: Who can use Postmaster?
Our restful API makes creating a shipment, tracking a package, or validating an address a breeze. We use standard HTTP verbs to operate on resources and HTTP authentication to make authorization a snap. We have client libraries for Python, Ruby, PHP, Java and Go.

Q: The product is really technical. Which mentors helped you communicate what you’re selling?
A: Isaac from SendGrid has been a big help. He’s helped with key introductions and general feedback that’s been really instructive. He introduced us to the CTO of Shopify and we had a very valuable conversation. Isaac had suggestions on how to couch the offering to developers specifically since he does so much work in his day-to-day getting developers to adopt. Scott Petrie’s general business savvy and feedback has been really important He’s the kind of person whose life experience offers a lot to a young startup like us. There are so many incredible mentors but Isaac and Scott are the two that stand out for me.

Q: Crafting the pitch, what’s the story you plan to tell the audience on demo day?
A: We say, “Postmaster is a low-level rest API that simplifies integrations with FedEx, UPS and USPS.” We solve the developer painpoint of integration with those companies. You can think about it like Stripe, but for shipping. I come from an e-commerce background and understand the pain and cost associated with the industry. Driving down any kind of shipping cost is great for the bottom line. Jesse is more technical and understands the outdated headwinds better. It will be about communicating our combined expertise.

Q: What happens after demo day?
A: We will go home to Austin to set up our offices at Capital Factory, a co-working space and incubator.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars

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