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2008 Techstars Alumni Occipital have been bringing in the sales on top of the iTunes App Store for almost three months now. RedLaser is their app that turns any iPhone into a bar code scanner.

How does an app get to the top though?  The growth, by early charts, happened by every paid user resulting in two more.  For RedLaser the growth came after an app update that made the scanner ‘impossibly accurate.’  It was good before, but now it is great.

MoblieCrunch has a post titled Bar-code Scanning RedLaser iPhone App reaches 750K downloads, over $1M in revenue which revealed total downloads and has some snazzy graphs of the first week of growth.

For the first two months in the app store top five, the app never hit #1.  It teetered between #2 and #5.  While they often reached #1 in the Top Grossing category, the app didn’t tip, but it didn’t go away either.  On December 3rd they hit #1.  By this time they were almost tipping the coveted $1M in sales.

They are working on some very interesting computer vision apps to fill the gap when, one day, RedLaser drops out of the top five.  Congrats to Vikas and Jeff, it has been amazing watching Occipital grow.

You can follow Occipital on twitter here.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars