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Some folks we interact with during the application process assume that Techstars is for young college kids or the like. The data do not support that assumption. In fact, last year, the average age of the Boston 2009 class was just below 27 (I’ll try to dig up the details). The Boulder 2009 class average age was about 30.

This year, the Boston 2010 class breaks down as follows:trixrabbit

21 Lowest Age
51 Highest Age
28.3 Average Age
27 Median Age

The “youngest” team averages 22.5 years old and the “oldest” team averages 38.0 years old. There are ten teams in this session, and the average team’s age is 28.5.

It’s a topic for another post, but what’s very interesting (to us at least!) is that over the four years of the program, the founders have, on average, gotten progressively “older”. Although we get our share of high schoolers and college students applying, Techstars, decidedly, is not kid stuff.

UPDATE: GoogleDocs’s “MEDIAN” function gave me a garbage answer on my data (the previous “34” result). Correct median updated. Apologies for the maths messup!

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars