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We recently talked with Riley End, co-founder and CEO of Given Goods Company, a company from our 2013 program in Boulder. Given Goods curates beautiful, high-quality home goods and everyday accessories that drive authentic social impact. Riley talks about a recent experience with Techstars’ sponsor partner American Airlines, as well as what Given Goods is working on right now.

We recently saw your tweet (pictured here). Where were you flying?

I was flying to New York for a meeting with a potential investor that I felt necessary to do in person, face to face.

What happened during that meeting?
It was a quick trip and the meeting went very well on all fronts.

As a Techstars 2013 company, you received the American Airlines perk for Business Extra points that could be redeemed for flights. Did you use those points for this trip?
Yes! On a Thursday evening, I found out that I needed to meet with a potential investor in just a few days. On Friday morning, I called American’s Business ExtrAA service line, the service rep found non-stop flights both ways at the exact times I needed and I could use the points we were awarded. The flights were totally free, which was a big value add for us money-wise.

One of my meetings in New York was canceled and I realized I could fly home earlier than planned. I called American and asked to change the flight and it was no problem. Even though there was a huge snowstorm on the east coast and many flights were canceled, the whole process was amazingly easy. American Air was incredibly helpful once again.

What is Given Goods working on right now now?
We recently moved from Boulder to San Francisco. The move is a big deal because San Francisco has a great talent pool, lots of connections in the e-commerce space, and is a consumer-focused, trend setting city which is important to our concept. It was difficult to leave Boulder but it made sense for the business.

Quirky on GivenGoods.co
Quirky “On The Go Bundle” on givengoods.co

Besides the move to San Francisco, we launched a product offering with Quirky over the holidays to benefit the American Cancer Society. It’s the first company on Given Goods that we worked with to create a one of a kind give back model. With every purchase of Quirky products on Given Goods, 20% of the profit goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

Shop the collection here. Given Goods Company is hiring.

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