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As I reflect back on 2014 at Techstars, it was a really good year. Here are some highlights:

  • Techstars portfolio companies received $534M in venture capital in 2014, bringing the total to well over $1B and their market cap to over $2.5B.
  • 513 companies in the portfolio, up from 341.
  • 59 exits across the system, in the past year this included:

Highlighter, Glider, Wander, Vizify, DocTracker, Pickie, Appetas, Laveem, Graphicly, Shelby.tv, Mocavo, Senexx, MobileDevHQ, Poptip, UberSense, OnSwipe, GrabCAD, MarketVibe, Smart Toy (fka Ubooly), SocialCrunch, Revolv, Qunb, Spill, Captimo and Vidmaker.

  • The aggregate value of our entire portfolio including our venture funds is now over $44B!
  • Overall, it was a year of expansion, with 5 new programs added over the course of the the year (Disney, Cloud, Qualcomm, Berlin, Detroit). This brings our total to 15 programs, 8 horizontal and 7 vertical.
  • We increased the number of employees from 41 to 55, including 18 dedicated investment professionals.

Our strong foundation positions us well for 2015. We believe that in this year, entrepreneurship will continue to grow around the world as more and more ecosystems are created to support startup endeavors, and more and more corporations turn to startups to help bring innovation into the corporation and to bring new technologies to market. We feel that we are well positioned to be at the center of these trends.

We will continue to expand our services to our founders in 2015 and find ways to serve even more entrepreneurs as we continue to expand. It’s going to be a great ride.

David Brown David Brown
David is a founder and CEO of Techstars and is one of the original founders of Pinpoint Technologies, Inc. David has a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University, Canada.

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    Wow, congrats to all that benefitted & contributed to this success!