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I am thrilled to announce the Spring Boston 2013 class.  Each session we push ourselves to get better and continue to try new things. This is the sixth Techstars program in Boston and we are pleased by the continued strong quality of the startups and by the support the community has shown for them. Our session begins today and will end on May 23rd with demo day.

We seek to invest in a diverse set of companies because our Boston mentors and investors have wide interests and experience across technologies and businesses.  This program includes companies that range from B2B enterprise software to technology-driven custom fashion, data hosting and visualization, mobile consumer services, developer infrastructure to “brains for bots” and more. Once again, we’ve stretched beyond software: this time to include a company transforming agriculture.

The founders bring a fantastic level of drive, knowledge, enthusiasm and tenacity that I know will make great businesses. Many of the companies are from the Boston area but we also have teams from Washington, DC, Austria, France, and Ukraine. If experience is a guide, I know they will all be blown away by the welcome they receive from the Boston community. This is an amazing city; we are all lucky to be here.

Here are the 14 companies in the Techstars Spring 2013 program in Boston:

An interactive and educational game and competition platform for developers.

A hosted continuous integration and deployment platform.

A crowd-sourced fashion label, where anyone can create and sell their unique designs with our 3D design tools, custom fit, and on demand production.

Helps communities and developers build better real estate projects.

A new social app for sports fans.

Freight Farms
A scalable farming platform can be installed anywhere and operated by almost anyone, transforming shipping containers into a source for high yield crop production.

Jebbit’s pay per performance model benefits both brands and consumers, guaranteeing a brand that their message is comprehended while rewarding consumers with cash for actively answering questions that educate them on the brand.

LinkCycle helps manufacturers manage resource consumption across product lines to reduce costs without any extra hardware or data collection.

We build brains for bots.

Using advanced economic modeling and data visualization to improve government transparency, efficiency, and performance.

Pharmacy simplified.

A “YouTube for numbers,” a platform that makes data broadcasting and data visualization accessible to anyone.

Helps organizations achieve their goals by connecting and engaging communities around meaningful actions.

Redefining vulnerability discovery.

Katie Rae