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Next week in Boulder, we’re hosting Techstars For A Day on March 3rd. We’ve added a second (very similar) event in Boston on March 10th.

The purpose of Techstars For A Day is twofold. First, it helps you get a sense of what Techstars would be like. You get to experience the people, the city, and the atmosphere. Second, it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better, for us to answer your questions, and for you to show off your product and your vision. In short, it’s a great opportunity.

Now, I want to use this post to clarify two things about Techstars For A Day.

First, yes, it is by invitation only. However, just because you haven’t been invited does not mean that you have been “cut” from consideration. In fact, most of the companies we’ve invited so far have asked us about attending. You see, just like in life, you often have to go after what you want rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Second, if you choose not to attend Techstars For A Day after receiving an invitation, there is no harm done at all. After all, we’re not paying your expenses to attend, so we have no judgement or expectation around you being able to make it. We know it can be hard for startups to go on trips. Don’t sweat it.  You’ll still be fully considered for participation based on your application. Last year, most of the companies we selected were unable to attend Techstars For A Day. However, about 4 of the 10 selected companies did attend Techstars For A Day, and I think in every case it helped them greatly to do so.

For those of you who are attending Techstars For A Day: We’re excited to meet you!  We look forward to talking to the rest of you in the tubes.

David Cohen
(@davidcohen) Founder & Managing Partner of Techstars, previously founder of several technology companies. David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor who comments on these topics on his blog at DavidGCohen.com