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The new year is off to a great start, and we are excited to continue our commitment to changing the landscape for diversity in technology entrepreneurship. In the fall of 2015, the Techstars Foundation was born, a non-profit created to provide resources through grants and funding to organizations that will have a scalable impact on diversity in tech entrepreneurship.

We are thrilled to announce that grant applications are officially open for the foundation. Both nonprofit and for profit organizations worldwide are eligible to apply.

We look forward to making an impact in diversity in tech entrepreneurship together.

Request a Grant Today!

Application Criteria:
– Broadly impacting diversity in tech entrepreneurship
– This is not startup funding for startup founders of diverse backgrounds. These are grants for organizations which are impacting diversity in tech entrepreneurship in a positive and scalable way.
– You can be based anywhere in the world.
– Your organization can be nonprofit or for profit

Questions? Contact: foundation@techstars.com

Deadline for the first round of grant requests is 2/19/16. Requests are accepted anytime, however, requests received after this deadline will be considered for the next round.

Not interested in applying but want to support diversity in tech entrepreneurship? Donate today.


Ali Berman
Ali is the Executive Assistant at Techstars and the Interim Director for the Techstars Foundation.