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Just over 12 months ago Techstars launched in London and now we are launching its sequel today – bigger and better – that will end with a Demo Day on June 20.

With over 1,000 applications to pick from Techstars London Spring 2014 finally settled on 11 companies from 8 different countries including USA, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Israel, Ireland, South Korea as well as the UK.  To bring this truly international line up to London, 13 entrepreneur visas have had to be quickly issued before the start of the programme.

To really challenge people’s perception of a company participating in an accelerator consider this, the companies already have over 50 staff, that includes two previously successful entrepreneurs and five of the 11 companies have already raised $4m in total.

  • Avuba is fixing banking by building a mobile first bank service.
  • Eat In My Seat allows you to skip the queue at venues by ordering directly to your seat.
  • eRated lets you use one reputation score in a world of marketplaces.
  • Good Audience increases your reach and gets your brand, product or service in front of over 400 million active social media users.
  • Lingvist is an adaptive language learning tool that significantly reduces the time needed to learn a new language.
  • Magnific connects readers, writers and curators for a more personalised reading experience.
  • Proximus is an analytics engine that examines the behaviour of consumers using innovative indoor geolocation technology.
  • Pubble uses everywhere your customers live online to build an active community on your website
  • Smile Family is a mobile community for moms.
  • Spatch is a new decentralized communication protocol built on top of email.
  • Zzish helps developers make education apps more engaging and effective.

Jon Bradford