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Tweet us your elevator pitch to get an interview! 

Techstars in Austin, TX opened applications and is holding a competition on Twitter this year.

Going over thousands of applications takes time, a long time.

Applicants who also give their 140-character pitch will get reviewed quicker.

The most qualified (read our FAQs) will be invited to an in-person interview for the Spring 2015 program. (see program details)

Summary of the rules:

1. Make sure you start with #tspitch

2. Then follow this format
For (who) we (what) to/by (why or how). In (time) we’ve (traction) by (how you sell) – link (product demo video).

3. To be considered, please also complete the full application at http://apply.techstars.com

The company selected will be announced through Twitter by New Year’s!

Full list of mentors:
Full list of companies:

Andy Aguiluz