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Today’s Demo Day for the Sprint Accelerator, powered by Techstars is a major milestone. It marks the end of the first program, but for our ten companies the journey is really just beginning.

The ten startups are focused on various areas of mobile health, and all are determined to make a real difference in the world. Their products range from helping diabetics better manage their disease, to quickly arranging a doctor house call, to downloading your medical records right onto your smartphone.

During the last three months, some of the companies have completed product development and landed key pilots, while others have significantly grown their customer base. All have made substantial progress and it has truly been my pleasure to work with them. They’re all on a mission to change the world one patient or user at a time, and it shows in their passion and grit.

Please join me in congratulating the inaugural class of the Sprint Accelerator, powered by Techstars. I’m extremely proud to call each of these teams a Techstars company!

  • AkibaH is the world’s first all-in-one smartphone case glucose meter. Check them out: www.akibah.com
  • FitBark is a compact dog activity monitor that provides owners a mobile platform to better care for their pet. Check them out: www.fitbark.com
  • Ollo Wearables makes a voice controlled, wearable cell phone that keeps seniors connected to their families, while monitoring their health and well being. Check them out: www.ollowearables.com
  • Symptom.ly is a clinically validated, symptom-tracking platform that displays real-time, actionable data for patients and doctors, providing timely intervention and reducing hospitalization and ER costs. Check them out: www.symptom.ly
  • Yosko is a mobile collaboration platform for doctors and nurses that increases patient safety by improving physician communication in hospitals. Check them out: www.yosko.com
John Fein
John is the Managing Director of Firebrand Ventures, and previously the MD of the Techstars Sprint Accelerator. John had key roles at five different startups, including one he co-founded. His startup roles were focused on leading product and operations for mobile, telephony and Internet companies. @johnfein