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It’s a big week at Techstars in Boulder. On Thursday, our 2012 companies will pitch their company visions to a packed theater (follow along on Thursday 8/9 with the hashtag #tsdemoday). When Techstars first began as a program in Boulder, film magician Megan Sweeney captured two different seasons of our founders in action, aptly named The Founders. You can see season one and two here. Megan has been chasing after our entrepreneurs all summer, camera and lighting in tow. Which can only lead to one thing…

The Founders: Season Three! Coming this fall, details to follow. See the teaser trailer below:

Music from this video is by by Rosie and Me. You can purchase their tracks here and follow them on Twitter @rosieandme_.

Speaking of bands, we are so grateful to the musicians featured in our upcoming videos. Layering their songs over our video stories adds the depth we actually feel as we cry, sweat, bleed, and build companies together. Thank you, bands.

Follow along @rosieandme_@harperblynn@hellokavita, Griz, and @calvinlocklear.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars