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If you follow our blogs and mantras, you know we put a incredible emphasis on execution.   Ideas aren’t worth the paper napkin they’re written on – it’s the execution of the idea that’s everything. This is true especially at Techstars, where we basically cram 3 years into 13 weeks.  You won’t survive the program if you’re not a dreamer that DOES (and maybe a doer that dreams).

Last week at Techstars for a Day in Boulder, I threw out a challenge – “What can you do in 11 days?”.  There were 11 days between Techstars for a Day, and the application deadline (which is March 16th!  Hurry!).  Can you launch your product?  Can you close a sale?  Can you significantly move the needle of your business in 11 days?

Well shockingly, you can.  And the TS4AD attendees are rocking it.  I’m thrilled with the ongoing progress the hungry teams are making – there’s no better way of getting on our radar than proving you can execute fast and furiously (and communicating it to us!).

So – there are only 5 days left until applications close in Boulder.  What can you do in 5 days?  Game on.

Nicole Glaros
Chief Innovation Officer at Techstars. She’s been with Techstars since its early days in 2009, has run 8 programs and has close to 90 companies in her portfolio. Follow Nicole at www.nearlynicole.com