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Sports are often employed as a comparison tool in the corporate world. Lessons such as patience, planning and leadership are all borrowed from football, baseball and even cricket. It is not surprising that such sports tend to trickle their lessons in the area of entrepreneurship. Shedding some light on history, cricket has a stunted past as an American sport. You do not find championship games and tournaments being played in USA but the favorite American pastime, baseball, lends credibility to borrowing some features from cricket.

The Captain Vs. An Entrepreneur

Every cricket team has a captain who has to make the crucial decisions. Be it choosing the team, the batting lineup, who gets to bowl how many overs and placing the fielders. A captain has a lot of riding on his shoulders and so does an entrepreneur. Having an A-team matters a lot and so does the right talent lineup. In cricket two teams clash against one another to battle for victory. An entrepreneur clashes against the world to battle for survival each day.

The Game Plan

The toss selection, the attack mode and the defending position are all what a cricket captain has to plan for. He has to strategically make the decisions of where to place which player, when to push for a victory and when to admit defeat. An entrepreneur much like the captain has to have a game plan. Coming up with an idea does not guarantee success by itself, pitching the business, raising finances and keep fighting the market until the funds run out are all parts of the plan.

Team Spirit

It is the entrepreneur’s job to keep the morale of his team high much like a cricket captain in the face of defeat. Being rejected by investors, failure to reach the development phase and even crash and burn before launch are part and parcel of an entrepreneurial process. At those moments it is the job of the entrepreneur to rally his troops and keep them going. In the face of doubt and achieving the impossible a cricket captain has to assure his team mates to keep the end goal in sight and to believe in their capabilities. An entrepreneur has to follow the same track when the going gets tough.


The Stadium Is A Stage

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players,” Shakespeare did not know about cricket but he did point out an important fact. For a cricket captain the stadium he has his next match is his stage and whether his team gives the best performance or one of the worst depends on the choices he makes. An Entrepreneur likewise starts from a small stage; an incubator, and then as they progress they turn the world into their stage. A cricket captain studies his stadium long before he studies his opponent. He learns its secrets and in the same fashion an entrepreneur studies his market long before he sets sights towards the competition.

The Culture Club

An Entrepreneur brings his set of values, ideals and principals to the table when he starts from scratch. The business that starts taking shape around him is the result of the culture he nurtures and preaches. The team of any startup business adheres to those values in order for a legacy to continue. A cricket captain also brings his managing style to the team. He is able to switch between autocratic and democratic roles to elicit the best performance out of his team. An entrepreneur has to make the same choice in everyday business, whether to have a commanding presence or have a more participatory style of management.


by Haseeb Tariq @haseebim Creative by Usama Batavia


Haseeb Tariq